If It Doesn't

Forget messages in bottles;
I wanted to do something new!
So I stuck it in a Mason jar
When I wrote that love letter to you.

I stuffed it in the sturdy glass,
I screwed the cap on tight,
And I threw it into the Virginia ocean
That beautiful starlit night.

Sometimes (vainly) in my dreams
I hope it will get to you;
That somehow it will beat the odds,
And destiny will come through...

But I suppose it's okay
If it doesn't.

Author's Notes: Just came to me. ^_^ It's kind of a getting-over-you poem if you look at it the right way. Actually...it's pretty straightforward...it means just what it says...lol ^_^; Thanks for reading!! ~MJ
Date of Composition: 8:30 p.m., June 6th, 2002