By:Andrew Troy Keller

Friday,September 28th,1979.8:00 PM.

While the people of Berea,Ohio were watching Fantasy Island,the Incredible Hulk or Shirley,Baldwin-Wallace college student Steven McAllistair was working on something in the basement of his Prospect Street home.

Saturday,September 29th,1979.12:00 PM.

While the kids were watching Jason of Star Command,Steven's friends were having lunch in a local Mister Hero restaraunt."Has anyone seen Steve-o?",asked LeRoy Robinson.

"Sorry,Amigo.",answered Pedro Martinez."Nor did I.",said Kimberly Marlowe.Then,Steve walked in."Hey,Compardres!Look!",said Pedro."Steve-o!",said LeRoy.

"Where have you been,Steve?",asked Kimberly."Well,my friends.",said Steve."As of since August 3rd,1979,while the Delta Tri Omega frat goons were watching Ebony,Ivory and Jade,I was working on something that even H.G. Wells would approve of."

"And that is?",asked Kimberly."A time machine.",answered Steve."Say what!?",asked LeRoy."I think you have way too much chili on the brain,man.",said Pedro.

"No.Really.",said Steve."I'm serious.With my time machine,I'll travel into the future to see what it's really like.""Aw,man!",said LeRoy."You're on the level!""Right on,my main man.",said Steve.

"But what about messing with the time-space continuim?",asked Kimberly."In my theroy of time,nothing more than a fairy-tale.",answered Steve."I don't think so,man.",said Pedro.

"Yeah,man.",said LeRoy."I think you should junk that fool thing.""No!",said Steve."Not today,nor tonight!""Tonight?!",asked Kimberly."Yes,Kimmie.",answered Steve."I've schedualed the machine's maiden voyage for tonight at percisely 9:00 PM."

"Man.",said Pedro."You need help.""Right on,man."',said LeRoy."What are you saying?",asked Steve."We're saying this,man.",answered LeRoy."If you're asking for volunteers,count us out."

"Okay,then.",said Steve."Kimmie,would you like to take a spin through time with me?""NO,I DO NOT!!",yelled Kimberly."OKAY!!",yelled Steve."FINE!!I'LL GO MYSELF!!"

Saturday,September 29th,1979.9:00 PM.

While everyone was watching the Love Boat,Big Shamus,Little Shamus or B.J. and the Bear,Steve pushed the start button on his time machine.There was a flash--and then,it was gone.


Sunday,September 29th,1996.9:00 PM.

The time machine stopped.Steve got out and saw three figures standing in front of him."Steve-o,it's us!",said LeRoy."With the time machine.",said Pedro."And it works.""Dibs!",said Kimberly.

"Now,wait a minute!",said Steve.But it was too late,for LeRoy,Pedro and Kimberly had pushed Steve aside and got inside the machine.There was a flash--and they were gone."NOOOOOO!!",yelled Steve.

Sunday,September 30th,1979.7:00 PM.

While the people of Berea,Ohio were watching Disney's Wonderful World...TIME QUAKE!!!