It started the day Audrey met him. He had deep blue eyes brought out with his dyed blue hair, that managed to him almost the exact same shade. She could see his soul when she looked at him, he wasn't fake and he didn't wear a mask like the other guys she knew. He had a name that she would have written all over her notebooks if she'd met him in the 5th grade. Brandon. It was such a beautiful name, and had a great ring to it.

Audrey had never been one to have crazy crushes, so she knew there was something special about him. While all here friends postered their walls with Ryan Phillippe, she came up with reasons to end up in the law firm building by the mall. Brandon haad a summer job there, and Audrey loved stopping in. Although over time, she stopped having to come up with reasons. Brandon knew she was there to see him, and she knew it too.

They would have had a relationship just like anybody's elses, if there wasn't one minor detail the kept her from trying to get into anything serious with him. She was 8 years his minor, at only 16. He was 24, out of law school, and starting a job here in town. She knew exactally what all guys wanted, but especially guys out of high school - they wanted sex. And Audrey wasn't too sure about when it came to sex.

For so long they'd remained friends, or lovers in denial, whatever you want to call it. But one day, Audrey was sick of being a little girl. She was 16 years old, had just started as a junior in high school, and was old enough to make her old decisions. She wanted to be in a relationship, and felt like Brandon was it for her.

"Hey!" She called as she came into him office just as he was getting off his shift. "Good to see you."

"You didn't come by yesterday. " He had come to expect her.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I was at a movie with some friends and it went longer than we though."

"Hey, it's cool. You don't have to justify yourself."

She found herself starring at his hair, which had clearly been redyed since she's seen him two days before. "I'm surprised they're let you work here with your hair that colour."

He nodded. "So am I. They're real cool around here. That's just the way defense lawyers are."

Audrey wanted to say it, it was nagging in the back of her head. But she knew what would happen. He'd laugh at her and say he loved her. The same way he loved a dog.

She couldn't hold it in anymore though, she'd been doing that for nearly a year now. "I was wondering about something."

"What is it?" Brendon asked, filing away the last of his things.

"Do you think we could ever... have something?"

He pulled out a file marked with the date and they headed out of the office."Like what?"

"Like something more than friendship." Audrey wished when she finished those words that she'd been dreaming. She never believed she'd have the guts to tell him.

Brandon smiled a little bit. "Audrey, you're sixteen."

She crunched up her face, looking away from him. "And you're twenty four."

"Listen, I like you. You know that. But it couldn't work, could it?"

"I guess not." She dispared.

Walking out of the building and toward his car since he always drove her home, Audrey asked. "Can we go back to your place? We could rent a movie or something."

Brandon didn't say no, but he didn't say yes either. He just got into the car and drove. When they got to Vincar Drive, he made a right. She knew her house was to the left. They were going to his apartment.

Audrey was a bit relieved when she found out Brandon's roomate, Mike, was gone for the week.

"Wanna order a pizza or something?" He asked her, surprising her as she stumbled through his DVDs since they'd never stopped to rent a movie.

"Sure." She answered. "Get whatever kind you like. I'm not picky." That was a lie. Audrey had never eaten a pizza in her life that didn't have pepporoni and bacon on it, and hated othrer toppings. She knew when it came though, she'd stomach it.

"Did you pick out a movie?" He asked her, looking over the counter.

"It depends. What kind of movie do you want to watch?"

Brandon didn't want to set any sort of romantic mood. Audrey was still sixteen, and just becuase he agreed to have her over didn't mean he anything was going to happen other than the watching of a movie and the eating of some pizza. "Something with a lot of guns and blood."

Audrey snorted. "How about Titanic?"