You’re all wrong

By Jaymi

You’re all wrong

It’s the only way for me

Why can’t you understand?

Why can’t you see?

The only way is the knife in my hand

I fuck people up

And don’t understand

It’s my entire fault

I need the knife in my hand

Because it’s not just my way out

It’s yours as well

This is what I talk about

I mess you all up

It’s all my fault

I'm still this fucked up, broken cup

I can’t be fixed

And can’t be changed

Your whole life

Could be rearranged

You could all be happy

If I wasn’t here

I'm brainless and sappy

Totally fucked

And completely dappy

I wreck your lives

One by one

And I know that it ain’t fun

I want you too see

And understand

I NEED to use

This knife in my hand