Chapter 1

October 15, 2001

            People wonder why I'm afraid of the dark, why I can't sleep without lights on, why I can't go out at night. They wonder why needles scare the shit out of me while I can face a knife as if it were a toy. I wonder why they like sticking needles into themselves and if they know what lurks in the night. They call me crazy but really it is they who are crazy.

            The call of the night is strong and they have all given in to it. They deserve their fates if they can't see the truth. They deserve to die. All but Alyssa. I have to warn her.


            Lyssa Ridgemont flipped through her sister's journal to the last entry. It was dated the day before the murder. Lyssa had known that something was wrong but Emily had never told her what it was. When Em died Lyssa had immediately hidden the journal. "Em shouldn't be the town's gossip," Lyssa had told herself. On the outside the girls had been completely different; Em had straight blonde hair, blue eyes, and a natural tan while Lyssa had wavy red hair, reddish brown eyes, and nearly transparent skin. They'd thought about the same things though. They'd both loved the night, wondered about life on other planets, and read fantasy novels.

Until two years ago when Em had gotten scared. Em would sleep with the lights on and refused to go out after dark. She'd even yelled at the fourteen year old Lyssa for being out past dark. Lyssa had figured it was just a stage Em was going through but came home before dark after that to make Em happy. Then a year ago Em had disappeared. They'd found bloody scraps of her clothing but never a body. Now, Lyssa found herself reading a journal proving her sister's insanity. Still, she couldn't believe it was true. She wouldn't believe it. Lyssa stretched and went to the kitchen to get a snack. Unlike her room the kitchen was dark. She always kept the lights on in her room. It reminded her of Em.

Something grabbed her arm and she let out a quiet squeak. She fought whatever it was but only succeeded in hurting her arm. She finally went still. The only sound in the room was her ragged breathing.

"Do we kill this one?" a male voice asked.

"No! She is my sister," someone said. The voice sounded just like Em.

"Em?" she squeaked.

"Yes, Lyssa, it's okay. This is Nydiadan. He won't hurt you."

"But Em they said you were-"

"Dead?" Lyssa nodded in response feeling tears spill down her cheeks. "Shh, it's okay Lyssa. I'm not."

"Obviously," Nydiadan snorted.

"Shut up!" Em snapped, "And turn a light on." The lights suddenly came on. It was definitely Em even though she did look a little pale. Her gaze shifted to the tall figure at her side. Nydiadan was the cutest guy she'd seen in a long time. He had spiky light brown hair and nearly black eyes. He was at least six feet tall and had well toned muscles that showed through his tight shirt.

"Ny, go prepare our meals. I want to speak to my sister." He left the room with the same cat like grace Lyssa had always admired in guys.

"New boyfriend?" Lyssa asked admiringly.

"Nope," Em said smugly.

"Why not?" Lyssa asked curiously.

"I like someone else. Besides, I'm not his type."

"If you're not his type then who is?" Lyssa asked surprised. She thought all guys liked blondes.

"You for one."



"You're kidding!"

"No- I read his mind. He thinks you're hot."



"You're not quite human anymore are you?"

"No," Em replied simply.

"Why are you here?" Lyssa asked quietly.

"To kill Fred and Wilma."

"No, Em, you can't do that," Lyssa protested.

"They've made our lives a living hell. It's time to repay them."

"They're our parents!"

"We're nothing to them. They never cared and they never will."


"Go to sleep Alyssa." Lyssa found herself walking back to her room and going to sleep as if someone else was controlling her body.