"We all live in the immortal realm with Tavares's fledglings."

"I have to leave?" Lyssa asked in a slightly panicked voice. Em hugged her sister.

"It's okay Lyssa. Everyone there will love you!"

Being Lyssa's creator, Ny could feel her terror and nervousness. He put his arm around her shoulders in a comforting gesture.

"We have to go now," he informed them.

"Okay," Lyssa said reluctantly. Ny held her close as he used his powers to take them to a huge house. The sky above had an aura of being perpetually dark. Lyssa shivered a little as they walked up the steps and opened the door. Some other vampires came out to meet them and stared when they saw her. She felt the blood from her victim rush to her cheeks.

"Wow," one of the male vampires said circling them, "Who made her?"

"I did," Nydiadan said proudly.

"She sure is cute," the vampire said twirling a piece of her hair around his long, pale finger. Lyssa let out an involuntary squeak and pressed herself closer to Ny.

"Let go of my sister," Em growled, baring her teeth.

"Sister?" the guy asked backing off. 

"Yeah. Everyone, this is Lyssa. Lyssa, this is everyone."

"Hi," Lyssa said uncertainly. One of the girls frowned at them.

"She looks so innocent, Ny, are you sure it was wise to make her? Has she killed yet?"

Lyssa began to feel physically sick. Her victim's blood burned up her throat. Ny grabbed her head and tilted it back.

"If you spit that up you'll have to drink another," he said in an almost vicious voice. Lyssa closed her eyes and regained control of herself.

"Sorry," she whispered when she felt better.

"It's okay," her sister said hugging her.

They went into the house and decided she would stay with her sister for a while. Lyssa was afraid of new places. Em had never been able to piece together exactly why but she had suspicions and, truth be told, they were very close to reality. Lyssa woke up screaming in an unknown language the next afternoon. The sound was filled with agony, grief and something else indefinable that seemed almost like triumph. Em shook her until she woke up, her throat raw from screaming.

"This house is very old," she said in a scratchy voice.

            "Is she okay?" Ny asked appearing in the room. He'd felt her emotions and heard her screams. What he'd found scared him.

            "I'm fine," she croaked.

            "No you're not!" Em exclaimed, "You do this in every new place. Now tell me what's wrong!"

            "I can't, Em. If I knew I would but I don't."

            Em made a sound of pure frustration and punched her fist into the wall. Lyssa backed away from her sister's temper tantrum. Em was never like that before; obviously she'd become less patient.

            "Stop it!" Lyssa suddenly yelled. Everything went quiet. Not only that, but time stopped around them. Only Lyssa and Nydiadan were unaffected. Em was frozen in place. Lyssa was more than shocked at what she'd done. Obviously she wasn't as normal as she'd thought. She began to feel faint. Ny grabbed her arm just before the world tilted on its side and everything went black.

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