She Caught Him

By Carter Tachikawa

(Written and revised 6/9/02)

She watched him as he stopped to take a breath
He'd been running forever and was ready to collapse
So he fell in her arms and she caught him

She lifted his face so that they saw eye to eye
Her nails dug into his skin, breaking the soft surface
He winced in pain but did not bleed

She pressed her lips onto his mouth
Nibbling at the sides, swallowing all his air
And when she was finished, she stepped back

He was scared as a child facing his worst nightmare
And he was furious to think he could be weak enough
To surrender to a woman

So he got up and turned to run away
Quick as time, she grabbed his wrist and held him
Her eyes watered, begging him not to go

He got out of her grasp and tried to flee
He tried to escape from the love she was offering
But petrified as he was, he didn't know where to go

And then he decided to stay with her
He promised to love her; he was tired of running away
So he fell back in her arms and she caught him