Blood drips from my wrist

No one here to save me

Thank goodness I'm alone

Now I can make it all go away

Wait! Oh no!

That was the door

My parents are home

Please don't let them find me

Not yet

Its to soon

I sigh

They are calling my name

Soon they'll be here

Oh my god!!

Yup...that was a little to soon though

What have you done?

How could you do this?

What were you thinking?

Make the questions stop

Please let me sink into the welcoming darkness

What was I thinking?

Gee...I dunno

Maybe I wanted to get away from you

Does that surprise you?

Of course it does

Why would I ever want to get away from parents like you?

I'm lying here bleeding to death

And you stand there and yell at me

Oh great!

Now the ambulance is coming

The siren echos

Gives me a headache

Why didn't I suceed?

I can't imagine what the hospital will be like

Or after

I shudder

I don't want to deal with "them" anymore

I sigh again

Next time I won't fail

Next time you'll be sad

Next time you'll be sorry