See what being single and having millions of people ask you for advice in love? ^_^ This is a strange idea that popped into my head that I wrote down, and I thought it was cute. Very, very strange. This is like the first thing that defiantly is about just me. Na ja, hope you enjoy!

Tell me, what can love possibly be?

Why does it seem so foreign to me?

Could it be an art I have not the talent for?

Or maybe a language I cannot speak?

Is it an emotion hidden deep within the soul?

Or is it a hope that has been brought onto humanity to save us from loneliness?

Would it be possible for me to learn?

Can I take up a brush, or have my tongue move to its grace?

Could you teach me what I want to know?

Teach me everything you know?

Teach me the meaning?

Or will you let me drown in my confusion?

WELL, this is a bit odd. I turned the table on everyone. Whatever, tell me what you think.