Ruin of Comos

By: Kouner

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"Today is a great day for us all! A day in which we, the people of Earth, take a new step in evolution! We have been waiting for this day for the last ten years. Today is the day we take a step toward immortality. Toward becoming Gods. We have created a new sub-species of human. They are called homo-felis, or human cat. Beautiful creatures that will some day run through all of our veins, making us stronger, and eventually...immortal!"

The Professor turned off the screen. Keeping her eyes concentrated on the new recruits in front of her.
"Now, you know the truth. This is the only copy remaining of this old DVD made a long time ago. The year was 2145. This was a time that human genetics was at it's peek. The process of cloning had become a part of nature at this time. Most of the great countries fell under the brink of war, except the two main powers. The United States, the Great Britain."
She stalked around the room, continuing to eye each of her students. "The United States and Great Britain were great allies, and both took over the remaining land on their sides of the world. For once, the world was at peace once more. That was until the testing began for the TINA project. A project that would blend the genes of a cat and human together. Making humans even more powerful then they already were. The project was named after the original person to begin testing on gene combination, which was Tina Genkins. Her attempts failed, but Britain was sure they would not fail. They would make sure of it.
"The day was July 4th, 2145. It was almost as if Britain wanted to throw their advance in the United States' faces. For this was the day of their independence. John Genkins, Tina's grandson was the head of the project, and he is the one who made this speech. Reaching out his arms, stretching to become a God. This was a very foolish act."
As she continued to walk around, she noticed that one was sleeping on his desk. Quickly, she went over to him, and slapped the back of his head. He immediately sat up, and looked at her square in the eye, full of shock.
"Jeremy, do you find the truth to be boring?" she asked him. A small sting was attached to the end of her voice.
"No ma''s just that I already know all of this." She sighed as she began to walk to the froth of the class again. "Mr. Ferguson, not everyone has the opportunity to have their father Commander of the Easter Union. I would appreciate it if you staid awake so you snoring does not distract the other's, who do not know the story."
A few small snickers were released across the room. They were quickly silenced like a cold wind. The Professor continued with her story.
"It is foolish to try to become a God is impossible. You will also be punished by the true God if you do so. Man kind took a giant leap in technology, and paid the price greatly. This is why we do not perform as much break-through experiments as we used to. This is why we are happy with what we have. Because of the homo-felis.
"Eventually, they knew how much more powerful they were, and used it to their advantage. They killed many humans, and planned to rule the world. Luckily, we were able to stop them before they go this far. Their memories were erased and they were sent over to the United States, as one of the last trades between the powers. Those that had not tried to kill humans, remained in Great Britain.
"Now, the ones in the United States...we have no idea what they are thinking. What the United States has put in their head, and frankly, we don't care. If they were going to try anything they would have done it by now. But, our big fear is the Western Confederacy. They could attack at any moments, and with the evil homo-felis on their side. So, we wait, in this war that lingers on. Wondering just what the next move will be."
She stopped, and turned to face her class. "Welcome to the Eastern Union children. May your life be long, and may you win many battles."

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