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Star Child

Chapter #1: Hoshiko

'I'm late.'

He pushed the pedal to the metal, taking the rented car to the extreme limits of its velocity. "C'mon! I gotta get there! MOVE!" he shouted.

Everything was against him: the strong rain falling down non-stop, the slippery road, the darkness of the streets and the lights coming from the cars on the opposite direction. His desperation to get to the stadium was betraying him; he was late for his show and he knew it was a very important event. There was no way he could miss his very first concert in Mexico City, and there was no way his friends would forgive him if he didn't show up. The place was completely crowded- it was another sold out show- and he wasn't there yet.

The show was about to start, only ten minutes to go, while he was stuck in a traffic jam near the stadium.

"Damn traffic!"

He decided to run since he'd probably get there sooner by foot than by car, so he stepped out and ran down the street carelessly.

The rain was clouding his sight and throwing his damp hair against his eyes and face, not letting him see clearly, but he continued running hurriedly through the crowd and cars.

"Almost there. Looks like I'm going to make it after all…"

Hoshiko was crossing the last street that would take him to his destiny when a car suddenly slammed into him. He flew up in the air, hitting the ground seconds after. He lost complete notion of time, space and place turning everything black in his head.

'The show must go on…'


In the hospital the other band members wait for a recovery of their lead singer and try to calm down. ENICO was formed by Hoshiko, Takara, Yoshi, Mieko, and Aiko. They were a slightly new band that was getting more and more popular each day, and with their newest album were planning to go on a world tour.

"Try to calm down, Takara; he'll be ok." The drummer was trying to act cool.

"How can you be so calm, Yoshi? Hoshi…Hoshiko is…ohhh!"

The keyboardist of the band burst into tears hopelessly. She loved Hoshiko more than anyone in the world. He was her everything, and knowing he was more dead than alive was too painful for her.

"I'm not entirely calm; I just try to be in control. What good can I do if I'm in your state? Let's just pray for his health. Hoshi is strong. He'll survive this-- he must."

"I agree. I'm going to the church, if someone wants to come along." The light brown color of the speaker's eyes slowly got blurred with tears that he immediately removed, but the sadness in his eyes was almost as strong as Takara's, even thou he managed to look more serene somehow.

Since none of the others responded, he starts walking away.

"Wait, Aiko! I'll go with you!" the guitarist yelled when he saw him leave.

"Thanks, Mieko… Hoshiko needs us now."

Mieko managed to steal a hug from the manager, since he felt like Aiko needed it, but this one only keep walking away without a word.


A week later Hoshiko was still on a coma and ENICO didn't know what to do.

"I think we should tell the record company that it would be impossible to finish the tour."

"Takara…you know the deal. If we don't finish the tour, not only we will lose money—that's the least important thing—but we'll be sued. The company made it clear for us when we signed the contract…they're packing their pockets with us and one little failure from us is millions of bucks for them. They're putting me under a lot of pressure here..."

"Aiko is right," the drummer agreed. "I don't want to go to jail, but what the hell can we do? Isn't this a special case? Aiko??"

"I already made contact with them and…we have to go on." Aiko responded sadly.

"Like we can make Hoshi sing like that! Hello, he's in a coma! A fucking coma!" Mieko was angry to hear of such an irrational decision from their record company.

"I know what you mean… They told me we have to get a replacement until he wakes up, but who? People won't come to our shows if Hoshi isn't there. You all know he's the main attraction—the star!"

"Of course he's the star! Hoshiko is beyond perfection. No one, no one in the world can replace him or even be compared to him," Takara cried; all she wants to do is stay beside her fiancée.

"I know how ya feel girl, but don't lose faith." The drummer held her as she kept crying in his arms. "You cry all you need."

"Thanks, Yoshi…You're always so kind to me."

"That's why I'm here." He tried to smile but he was also in pain from the possible loss of one of his best friends.

"Guys…what can we do? Are we crossing our hands in the matter, or are we looking for someone to step for Hoshi until he wakes up?" the bassist insisted.

"What if he never wakes up?" The guitarist asked a little pessimistically—like always.

"Mieko!" they all yelled, wincing at how horrible it sounded, especially to Takara.

"I'm sorry, but even if it sounds cruel, we have to consider all possibilities, and death is one of those possibilities. You all know it; don't be so afraid to say it. You're all thinking about it even if you deny it."

He was sincere, and he was also right. There was the possibility that Hoshiko wouldn't survive.

"Then I'm going to work on that. I'll look for a temporary replacement, ok?"

No one answered, but they knew that there was no other choice at the moment. Aiko, who was not only the bassist of ENICO but also the manager, took to the streets to think things through.

'Where can I find a replacement for someone like Hoshi? There's no way I can, and…in so little time!

Damn! Why, why did this happen?

Why to him, to Hoshiko… Our Hoshiko…'

He finally burst into tears, sobbing strongly and sighing deeply, with pain in his heart.

He lit his cigarette and tried to calm down with it, without any luck. Hoshiko was very special to all of them, but for Takara and him…It was much more than just a friendship's love.

'Hoshiko… I need you to come back. I never imagined my life without you, and now… Nothing makes sense anymore, not without you. I know you'll never return my feelings; you love Takara so much and she loves you back, but even still…

I love you, Hoshi…'

He stopped the car when he saw a small park and decided to go for a walk until he could calm his heart a bit. Something made him suddenly stop there, so he did. He stayed there for about an hour, but it was starting to get cold and late. When he was walking back to the car, he saw a familiar face.

Aiko's eyes widened with shock and happiness at the same time. What was he doing there, and how was he… so well?

He blinked a few times, thinking he was starting to hallucinate, but as much as he did and as much as he rubbed his eyes, the sight before him was becoming clearer, closer and a lot more real.

"Quiere que le lustre los zapatos?" -Do you want me to polish your shoes?

"Huh? What?" He had no idea what he said.

"Oh! Lo siento; Americano? English?" -Oh! I'm sorry; American? English?

"Yes, American."

'It's not him, but…he looks exactly like Hoshi…

How? Why?

Maybe I was guided here…'

"A ver, no se mucho inglés… Can I clean your shoes?" -Let's see, I don't know much English…

"My shoes?" The kid nodded. "Sss…ure." He wanted to keep him there a little longer, so agreed even when his shoes were very clean.

"Thank you." The boy kneeled down and began to polish his shoes while Aiko stared in disbelief. The more he stared at him, the more the young boy resembled his dear friend.

"What's your name, boy?"

"Mi nombre?" -My name?


"Chico. My name is Chico, at your service."

He stood up and smiled to the taller man.

The young man's smile almost made him blush since he found it extremely beautiful, but he manages to answer. "Nice to meet ya Chico. I'm Aiko."

"I'm done, sir." The hazel eyes glittered at the same instant he smiled, making Aiko to almost drool with the sight of his new discovery.

'Even his eyes are the same!' This time his cheeks turn pink.

"How much?" He finally asks after a long stare.

"Whatever you can give me." He waits for the money patiently and smiles when he receives it. 'Yay, esta noche podré comer algo.' –'Yay, I would be able to eat something tonight.'

"So…is this what you do every day?" Aiko tries to start a conversation since he wants to keep him there a little longer.

'Is he an angel, a vision, my imagination? Is this a dream?'

"Um…yes. If that's what you asked, I don't know much English, just a little."

"You're doing fine. Where you live?"

"Para que quiere saber?!" He practically yelled and it made Aiko confused. "Why?" -Why do you want to know?

"I…well. I've got an offer for you. I'm a businessman... Do you know the band ENICO?"


"Well, we are a very famous band, and our lead singer had an accident a week ago. He's now in a coma. We need a replacement to fill in for him until he wakes up."

"I'm sorry about your friend, but… You're asking me?" He started to laugh. "Oops, sorry for laughing."

"You look so much like him…Please, it's only a tryout. If it doesn't work, then… you go back to your everyday life."

"Ummm, how do I know you're not making it up to sell me or something?"

"Sell you? You're offending me... Look." Aiko took out his wallet and showed Chico a picture of the group.

"This is Hoshiko. You look exactly like him, like two drops of water."

"Hay chiguagua! Es mi cara! Ese carnal tiene mi cara!!" After his spontaneous reaction he turned silent. -(it's not exactly what he said, but basically): Oh my God! It's my face! This guy has my face!!

"What did you say?"

"He does look like me…I am shocked."

"So, do you believe me now?"

"Si." -Yes.

"Can you just not talk in Spanish? I really get lost."

"My English sucks."

"Believe me; your English is excellent compared to MY Spanish." Chico laughed and without even noticing, he was inside Aiko's car heading to the hotel where the other band members were waiting.

"So, you're not telling your family? We're leaving for L.A. tomorrow."

"I have no family."

"Oh…how about your things?"

"This is all I got." He pointed to his clothes and tools.

"Are you…?"

"A bum, yeah. I live on the streets."

"Really?" 'How sad.' "For how long?"

"Years…I can't remember much. All I remember is sneaking out of the orphanage then living on the streets.

"Where did you learn English, then?"

"Dunno… The streets, I guess. There are lots of American tourists, so we have to manage somehow if we want to survive."

"Sorry to hear that." Aiko couldn't take his eyes off him.

"Why you look at me so much? I stink, right? I look so…dirty… and you're so clean and cool… Don't worry. I won't steal from you and I will try not to dirty your car."

"It's not that, it's just…I'm still in shock from your resemblance with Hoshiko."

"Hoshiko, that's the guy I would be replacing?"


"Well, I just hope to do it right. I've never tried singing before, and well… I would really like to get a job like this… To live in someone else's place must be great… To be famous and successful, it's a dream I know could never be true for someone like me. Bah, I'm sure I'll be out today… Wait till your friends get a look at me."

'I hope he stays.'

They entered the room where the rest of the group was staying. When the pair stepped in, the shock was evident in each of their faces.



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A little something on the characters:

Chico: A homeless Mexican boy

Age: Doesn't know

Hair color: black

Eyes: hazel

Skin color: lightly tanned.

Height: 5'6"

Hobbies: Dreaming

Bad Habits: Staring at girls' boobies

Hoshiko: Lead singer of ENICO

Age: 18

Hair color: black

Eye Color: hazel

Skin color: lightly tanned.

Height: 5'6"

Hobbies: Composing, playing the piano, more singing, looking good, and making out with his girlfriend. P

Bad Habits: writing his songs on napkins

Aiko: bassist of ENICO and manager

Age: 23

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye Color: Honey

Skin Color: Sand

Height: 5'11"

Hobbies: Working (is that even a hobby?), composing, and playing music

Bad habits: smoking, drinking, always tense and cold, workaholic to the extreme

Takara: Keyboardist of ENICO

Age: 17

Hair Color: Wine

Eye Color: Light Green

Skin Color: White

Height: 5'4"

Hobbies: Composing, thinking about Hoshiko, fashion

Bad Habits: None

Yoshi: Drummer of ENICO

Age: 20

Hair Color: Dark green with white tips

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: White

Height: 6'1"

Hobbies: Styling his hair, doing tricks with his drumsticks, listening to his friends

Bad Habits: Hitting his drumsticks EVERYWHERE, can't keep his pants on, controlling Mieko, persecutes Aiko

Mieko: Guitarist of ENICO

Age: 22

Hair Color: Dark brown, almost red

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Lightly tanned

Height: 5'9"

Hobbies: Playing guitar, composing

Bad Habits: Gets in a bad mood easily, Yoshi

Others Characters to come!

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