Star Child

Chapter 26: Takara's Showdown

By Lovely-chan

It was amazing how fast time passed; for Takara the accident in which her fiancée was involved happen yesterday but the reality was that he was in coma for almost a year now. She was hurting for not having him in her life anymore. She misses his smile, his voice, his caresses, and all in him. Having a conversation with him and seeing his smile one more time is all she wishes, but as the days roll by it felt much more like a dream. How come no one could notice Hoshiko's absence? How come everyone, including his twin brother, was happy just to have someone that looks like him but that was not him at all? For Takara it was something she could never understand; she though everyone loved Hoshiko and that nothing would ever be the same without him, but seeing how everyone has go on with their lives except her made her feel like no one truly loved him. In her eyes, no one misses Hoshiko or even wishes for him to wake up from his long deep sleep.

Thinking about the previous night events keeps pushing her to a decision she was not willing to take in the beginning, but that now seem like the best thing to do. All she wanted was to be by his side even if he couldn't see her or hear her. Takara loves Hoshiko more than her own self and all her dreams were linked to him, so having a life without him felt like not having a life at all.

"I feel so lost, so empty…. My life without you has no meaning. Hoshi, you were the only good thing in my life. What am I supposed to do without you? Please come back." She was lying down in her current bed thinking and thinking. She spent the entire night thinking about the past and the present and wishes to spend the rest of her life living in the past, a past where she and Hoshiko were happy and in love.

"Hoshi…why did you left me behind? I was supposed to be by your side- always by your side."


Renzo, Yoshi, and Mieko were standing in front of Aiko's apartment and wondered if they should knock or just walk in. The three of them were silently looking at each other without knowing if they should go ahead or just forget about it.

"We came all the way here, and even buy the food, so… I think we should walk in silently and check it out, if we notice it is best if we go, then we do." Renzo though that was the best of choices.

"Yeah, but they will smell the food, you know? Especially Chico- he can sell food at distance." Mieko had experienced the ability of Chico's smelling senses before.

Yoshi tired to hold on to his laughter and then adds. "Maybe someone should go in first and check if all of us can go in. I vote for Renzo to snoop in." He smiles mischievously.

"Oh sure, let me be the victim." His brow started twitching since he was getting annoyed by the suggestion.

"It was YOUR idea after all." Mieko agrees with Yoshi.

"Ok fine, no problem. I'm going in, BUT if there is a nice show I'm going to enjoy it myself. Hohohoho." He then smiles thinking about the possibilities of finding a hot live porn movie.

"Wait! I wanna see to!" Yoshi pouts.

"No you don't!" Mieko frowns and then Yoshi decides to stay behind with him.

'Oh man… ' Yoshi was trying to cheer Mieko, since he didn't took it in a good way. "Come on- it's free porn!"

"PERV!" Mieko look away while playing mad, but in reality wanted to laugh.

Renzo decides to ignore them and go on. "Ok, I'm going in so stay quiet." He opens the door carefully and leaves his shoes behind just to make sure his steps would be soundless. He slowly walks inside looking at every corner without finding the two males he was searching for. After he moves toward the family room he begins to hear voices coming out of the bedroom. 'What should I do?' He tries to listen but they were either whispering or speaking in a low voice. 'I can't hear a damn thing.'

He walks back toward the entrance and as he does he hears the bedroom door open. Even when now he was able to listen to what they were saying, he had to hide right away or he would be spotted.

Both Aiko and Chico came out of the room; Chico was only wearing his underwear and a shirt while Aiko was apparently only wearing a robe. Both were walking side by side while embracing each other.

"I am not going anywhere, there's got to be a place open with delivery service." Aiko was not in the mood of dressing up or going out.

"But I'm so hungry… I KNOW!" He runs back to the room and brings his backpack. "I have food here!"

"What do you have, chocolate?" He was not happy about having a variety of sweets for lunch.

"Hum." The Mexican nods while searching inside the bag. "See, I have Twinkies, Snickers, Mon Cheri, OH, GODIVA!" His eyes where shining when he founds the Godiva chocolate. "I also have cookies, Rochere, Bacci, M&M's…you don't want any?"

"Nope." He sighs. "I want REAL food." He sniffs the air. "Is it me or does it smells like food? Am I hallucinating?"

"No you are not, it smells like food. Ahhhhh." He starts drooling.

"That's because…" Renzo suddenly said while jumping in front of them.

"We brought you some!" The other two quickly appear behind him while they smile and wait for their reaction.

"OMG! FOOD!" Both Aiko and Chico were so happy for having food, that they could care less for the fact that they enter without permission, so both run toward Mieko and quickly grab the bags he was holding. Once sitting in the table they open the boxes and dig in.

"Looks like they are happy we are here." Renzo smile at the scene of hungry guys eating energetically.

"Do you guys want something to drink?" Both nodded without saying a single word. Mieko asked since none had a drink and both were eating pretty fast. Chico usually eats fast, but Aiko always eat slowly, so it was a shocker to see him eating so fast.

After he serves the drinks all three of them sit at the table and just wait until they were done.

"Oh God, thank you from the bottom of my heart; I was starving." Aiko finished before Chico- which happens to be a record.

"We notice Aiko. I've never seen you eat so fast in all the time I've known you." Yoshi was staring with his mouth wide open, not only because he was shocked for how fast he ate, but he was staring at the man's pecks.

"You know, you can STOP LOOKING!!!!" Mieko hit him.

"OUCH! That hurts!" He complains. "But don't tell me you are not enjoying the view?"

"No." He looks away while blushing slightly.

"Liar!" He starts tickling Mieko and he could only laugh and accept he was also looking.

"What are you guys talking about?" Aiko completely forgot he wasn't fully dress, so he was clueless.

"Your pecks honey, they look fabulous. " Renzo lift a brow.

"HEY!" Chico finally took his face out of the food. "Don't look at MY MAN!" He looks straight at Aiko. "And you cover up!"

Aiko close his robe and blush. "Sorry… I totally forgot."

"Its ok, but you can't be careless in front of these perverts." Chico quickly responds while grinning.

"Hey! We are all guys anyway!" All three protested for being called perverts.

"So, how did you guys get in?" Chico smiles while looking straight into his twin's eyes.

"Well, yeah I have the keys. I admit it was my idea." Renzo place the keys on the table.

"Well, we were worried and remember how little food we left, so…" Yoshi tries to explain but was interrupted.

"Little food? You mean how you guys eat it all and leave us with an empty stomach?" Aiko corrected him.

"Well…yeah- that. Hehe." Yoshi scratch his head. "It was the least we could do, after we all fly in uninvited."

"True." Aiko stands up and throws himself on his chair. "So you guys clean that up. I'm too tired." He lays back and sighs.

The three visitors look at each other in disbelief- he was expecting for them to clean it up too? But without complaining they did clean the table and throw the trash away.

"So, Aiko did you like the food?" Renzo ask mischievously.

"It was ok, I guess. I eat too fast so I couldn't taste it well." He seems embarrassed for eating too fast.

"It was a Chinese fast food, you know? And you eat it!" Renzo laugh knowing how snobbish was Aiko about food-ok about everything- but since he claims that he has never tasted fast food he wanted to check his reaction.

"Really? Well, it wasn't so bad for a fast food." He was calm and didn't get angry.

"Huh?" Renzo couldn't believe it. 'So far, nothing got him angry. Unbelievable!' So it looks like Renzo was trying to tease him to the point of anger without luck.

"So, you guys have plans for today?" Mieko asks since they were all too silent all of a sudden.

"Nah, I just want to rest for a change." Aiko simply responds.

"We can watch a movie or something?" Renzo suggests.

"NO! How about spin the bottle!" Yoshi got excited.

"Yeah!" Renzo agreed.

Mieko looks down while murmuring: "I was thinking Guitar Hero" And then pouts since no one answered.

"What's Spin the bottle?" Chico asks completely out of it.

"YOU DON'T KNOW?!" None of them could believe it- even Aiko knew the game.

"Well, excuse me." He was a bit ashamed of his ignorance.

"It's ok." Renzo quickly rub his head and explains the game.

Once he understood, he seems to like the idea so he exclaim: "Ok, let's play!"

"Who says I'm playing? And who says you guys are staying here?" Aiko suddenly said in a calm voice.

"Oh, come on! We are all bore to death! We have nothing to do."

"I can't believe it. You always find something to do." Aiko straightens up and begins to talk about another subject. "You know, last night was amazing."

All of them look at him confuse and froze- was he actually talking about his sexual experience with Chico? So all wait to see what he was going to say.

"The music was perfect; I don't remember a single mistake from any of us. It was…truly amazing. That was definitely a recovery after our previous nightmare show."

"OH!" They all laugh. "You are talking about THAT." They laugh some more since apparently they were all synchronized.

"Of course, what else do you guys though I was talking about?" He was still completely clueless.

"What? WHAT?! Are you serious? Why do you think we are all here- we want the details! The dirty details! How was your romantic evening with my little brother?"

Aiko's face turned completely red in just a second. "Oh…you mean… That's none of your business. It is completely private." Aiko's face looked so funny everyone –including Chico- begin to laugh. "Why are you all laughing anyway?"

"Oh Aiko!" Chico quickly jumps on him, only to provoke more redness to his face and neck. "You are so cute!" He was squeezing his neck and rubbing his face with his.

"How many times should I tell you that YOU are the cute one?" He holds him tight and lets him rub his face as much as he wants.

"You guys…" Mieko was smiling. "I am so happy for you! You two make the cutest couple! And I can't believe I call Aiko cute! But he looks cute, right? Right?" He waited for the others to approve what he was saying. "So, let's celebrate!"

"YEAH!" Renzo and Yoshi cheer along but the other two were still hugging and cuddling without responding.

"Hey, hey you guys! Are you listening?"

"Sure, sure….you guys are so annoying." Aiko finally responds. "Let's play that silly game of yours, BUT be careful what you ask or I'll kick you all out."

"Why we suddenly don't believe you?" Renzo mocks.

"He doesn't sound serious and threatening anymore." Yoshi laughs. "Looks like Aiko have finally become human." He smiles. "Welcome to the world."

"Ha, ha, ha. Is that a joke?" Aiko stands. "Pretty bad I must say. I'll be back then." He looks at Chico who was now gossiping with his brother. "You too boy, let's get dress."

"OK!" He smiles happily and walks away. 'I'm so happy because he didn't push me even when everyone is watching.'


After long hours of profound thinking, Takara decides to go out and breathe some fresh air. It didn't take long for her to get to her destination since it wasn't that far and once inside the lobby she starts to have second thoughts. 'Why? I already made up my mind.' She then gets on the elevator and goes straight to the apartment's front door. 'This is it.' Moments after, the door opens and she was glad it was Mieko who opened up. "Oh; hi!" She hugs him and he felt there was something wrong. "Are you all here?"

"Yeah, only you were missing. I'm glad you finally decided to join us, but come on in we are just playing games."

"Games?" She was a bit shock since it wasn't common for them to play games together.

"Yeah, we were bored so." He shrugs.

"Well I'm glad everyone is here." They both walk in and the first thing she sees is Chico grabbing Aiko to kiss him while this one blushes. She was furious and quickly steps in front of them. "I have something to tell you Aiko, and I am saying this as a friend."

"Oh? Hello, nice to see you too." He simply replies.

"This is no joke, so please listen carefully and think about what I am about to say. Don't start yelling at me before I finish- none of you!" She looks at each of them in the eye as a warning. "I know you like this guy because he looks just like Hoshi."

"Wait a minute!" He says but was quickly interrupted.

"I said not until I finish!" Aiko lift up his hands and nods since he actually agreed. "What I want you to think about is this: if you were in his position wouldn't you do the same?" Aiko didn't seem to understand so she explains noticing he had a confuse face. "If you were a homeless person and one day someone appears in front of you and offers you the world, wouldn't you do ANYTHING to keep that person by your side? Wouldn't you make sure this person keeps providing you what you never had before? Wouldn't you want to keep living the life you never dream of by sacrificing one little thing? I mean, what is pretending to be in love with someone in exchange for food, money, clothes, security, a home, a bed? Especially if you were used to be used all your life, because I bet he's been through everything while living on the streets." Aiko was staring at her with a frown; he looks very serious and obviously hurt. "Think about it, homeless people act all the time, they pretend to be sad, to be in trouble, they make up stories- anything for people to give them money. So tell me, do you actually think someone can fall in love with you with that attitude you have? Do you honestly think this boy have honest feelings for you? I know this might hurt, but he is using you. You are his ticket to 'freedom'; at least this lifestyle is freedom compare to what he had before. The only thing he has to give in return is sex and that is a pretty good price for all you are giving. You treat him well, so he doesn't have to put up with physical abuse and he was lucky enough to find a gay man who was in love with another guy who happens to look exactly like him. Do you think he would let go of that luck? Of course not! He is willing to smile, cry, and screw you as much as you want so he can keep his current lifestyle. Don't blind yourself, this is real life. If you don't care that he is pretending to love you that's fine, but if you actually believe him- don't fool yourself. I don't think you want to live with a guy that is always pretending to be in love with you when deep down wishes you would never ever touch him again."

"Are you done?" He said in a low voice after a few seconds.

"Yes, I think I pretty much said what I wanted on that topic. And I repeat, I am telling you this because no one seems to care or no one wants to open your eyes because I bet everyone thinks the same way I do."

Aiko looked at each one of them with a questioning look on his face- and all refused with their head. "If what they just did is what they really think… I think you are the only one that thinks he is using me because I honestly think he is sincere, so if that was all you wanted to say."

"Aiko! Listen to me- I am not making this up. They don't want to hurt your feelings for sure since you are such a lonely man, but…do you honestly think…?"

"Yes. You may be right about some things; he may want to keep on living this life and never go back to the life he had but our relationship has grown slowly. It is not like he started seducing me from the start."

"Maybe it occurs to him later- when he realized you were gay like everyone else in this room. He only needed to make you fall for him, and it would be a piece of cake since you were so lonely and in need to be loved."

"What are you talking about?" He was obviously upset.

"No one wants to be lonely Aiko; you don't need to say you don't want to be alone because everyone knows that."

"So, what do you have to say in your favor boy?" Aiko asks with the saddest tone on his voice.

"Nothing!" She quickly says. "He is quieter than the dead."

"I didn't ask you Takara, let him talk." His voice was shaky; he was scare to discover it was all an act and that in reality Takara was right. Was he so blindly in love that couldn't notice something like that?

"I have no way of proving my sincerity, so… I guess I'm gonna have to hope my feelings got through you and that you feel my heart while you held me." His eyes were filled with tears and he looks down trying to hide them. Chico felt his happiness crumbling down in an instant. 'I knew it wouldn't last, but I was hoping I could at least enjoy my happiness for an entire day.' His heart was beating so fast and it felt like he couldn't breathe at all, as a result he begins to sweat and tremble. 'I am so sacred. If I lose Aiko's love after all the effort I've made… I can't lose him now that he finally opened his heart to me. Aiko, please believe me. There is no way for me to prove my innocence and all Takara says makes lots of sense, but I really… I truly love you.' He couldn't control his cries any longer even when he tried as hard as he could since it would probably be another point in Takara's favor if he begins to cry, it would seem like he was putting up a dramatic act to convince Aiko and it was the least he wanted to do.

"You see? He's doing it again! He is trying to control you with his baby cries!" Takara was furious, so she grabbed Chico's head by the hair and pulls it so they could see his face. "Look as his crocodile tears!"

Chico wasn't expecting it, so he opened his eyes widely as she pulled. "AHH!"

"Let him go!" Aiko grabbed her hand and force her to let go of his hair. "You're hurting him."

"That's not gonna kill him! Can't you see that all you are doing is making him believe he deserves better. He's a low life bum Aiko! He is just acting! He doesn't love you- I've been observing you both and he is pretending!" Aiko's face was pale and he seem like he had no idea what to do or say. "Don't let him fool you- he is just a bum, a piece of trash. How low are you going to fall?"

"STOP IT!" Renzo explodes. "Can't you see he is hurting?" He also had tears in his eyes. "I know he is honest, I can feel it in my own heart and I can assure you both that he deeply loves Aiko."

Even when he was confused, Aiko sit down next to the sad young man and caressed his head softly while he keeps on crying.

"Why are you always defending him? He is NOT your brother! Why? You should be defending your REAL blood and not this…sham."

"I don't know what it is Takara but I share a bond with him as strong as my bond to my brother and I can't ignore it. I can feel his emotions like they were my own. I know when he is happy, when he is sad, and even if he tries to pretend I know when he is lying. I don't know why either, but Chico and I may not be blood related, but we surely have a bond in our hearts."

"A bond… A SPECIAL bond?! How much I hate that response, how much I hate that answer! Why couldn't you say something else? I don't know something like 'I want to trust him', BUT NOT THE STUPID BOND!" She was yelling hysterically.

"Hey calm down." Mieko tries to make her lower her voice without luck.

"CALM DOWN? Calm down you say? Do you know how many times I have listened to that same excuse? Do you know how many times Hoshiko had told me that I don't understand because I don't share their bond?! Of course you don't know because you are not me. I have always competed with Renzo, always fighting for Hoshiko's heart, for Hoshiko's attention but every time I lose the answer was the same- it is our bond. I don't get this twin bond; much less I understand your fictional bond to this boy who isn't even your brother!" She cries hard and sits down. "I'm sorry." She sobs some more and all waited. "I am so sorry. I am just so tired of trying, so tired of running in the same place, and so tired of waiting for Hoshiko to return that I…" More cries came out of her mouth. "I am taking it all on you guys, especially you Ren. I have always blamed you for my own failures."

Renzo was very confused at the moment- why it all suddenly turns out to be between him and Takara? Wasn't she trying to 'unmask' Chico?

"Takara… I really don't know what you're talking about." Renzo smiles lightly and pats her head softly. "Hoshiko loves you; he loves you very much."

"But he loves you far more and it always made me jealous."

"Well that makes us even because I've always been jealous of you."

"Why? You are Hoshiko's number one."

"I always though you were number one. Once you two hook up he spent most of his time with you at school and off school and I was just second to him. Then he started this band and never even asks me if I wanted to join; he never considered my feelings. I wanted to be a musician but everything was on the way. First I didn't had time to practice because I had to do housework since my auntie worked all day so I was stick with the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the shopping, and my school work. I started slowing our piano lessons so auntie suggested we took them separately. It wasn't after that that I was able to practice more because I quit my after school club just so I could come home early and practice before starting my chores. That was the only way for me to become a better pianist and I had to do it all by myself because Hoshi had all the time to practice and be popular. Auntie always favors him, and even when I never said a thing…I resent it. I was the one with all the work while Hoshi had all the free time, but what hurt me the most was her lack of interest in teaching me. She would never miss a single class for Hoshi, but with me…it was another story. She often forgot or scheduled me for another day because she was busy. I can say now that thanks to that I devoted myself into polishing my playing so much. I practice in every free moment I had at school, and at home until I was able to catch up with him. But I always felt like he didn't acknowledge my talent since in the end he chose you instead of me."

"You are wrong Ren. The reason why you are not part of ENICO is because of me. I asked Hoshiko to let me do it even when you were the one he wanted. It cost me to convince him, and I promise to practice a lot more to be able to take part of it. I persuade him by telling him that this would be the only way for us to be together all the time and that I wanted him to chose me instead of you for at least once. So I play the victim to convince him, and since you didn't know about it yet…"

"I see. When he told me about the band and who the members were I was very disappointed in myself thinking I was such a bad pianist you were chosen over me. You were just starting to play and I have played for all my life and…" His tears rolled down. "I always though I suck and even give up on my dream of becoming a pianist because no matter how hard I tired, I always felt like I could never be good enough."

"Are you an idiot? You are the only person Hoshi writes music with! You play most of the parts on the albums, and guess why? Because you are his favorite! Hoshiko always knew how hard you practice and he heard you play many, many times at home and at school, and you know what he said?" Renzo shook his head. "He said: I wish I could play that beautiful."

Renzo was shock to hear all this. He always pretended like he didn't care about ENICO, he pretended to be a great pianist but deep down always though he was mediocre. Knowing his brother felt that way and he didn't know made him feel so miserable. "How come I didn't know? How come I never felt his real feelings? How come I didn't notice and why didn't he tell me?"

"I guess you were blind and never notice how much Hoshi loves you. Maybe Hoshi though you already knew because of that…bond."

"I know he loves me, but I always though he let me play out of pity."

"Do you think he would risk it just for pity? He used you because I am not good enough and I was never able to convince him as the rightful member of ENICO. I know deep down he wished for you to be the one and not me. That is why…that is why I want to make things right and make Hoshi's dream come true at least this once. I… Well, I…" She sighs and tries to get some strength. "I want you to join ENICO because I am retiring for now."

"What?" Everyone said at unison.

"I've made up my mind and after watching yesterday's performance I realize Hoshiko was right- Renzo was the best choice. I don't want to drag you guys anymore; I love this band and I want ENICO to shine more than ever because I know Hoshiko will be happy to see his band go all the way to the top. Maybe then…he returns."

"Are you sure about this?" Yoshi, who had been silence all this time, suddenly asks with sadness. "I don't want you to go."

"You'll be fine Yoshi; you have Mieko and I will be right there watching you all."

"I'm going to miss you." Mieko hug her. "I love you, you know?"

"I know." She hugs him back.

"Wait a minute! I never agreed to it. I can't just take your place, what about your fans? What about my plans?"

"My fans…let's just say that Hoshiko and I had a breakup and I needed a break. I guess that would be easier for everyone and would be a good reason for me to leave the band."

"I don't know about that Takara… Are you willing to say you and Hoshi broke up? It will be a scandal." Aiko wasn't sure about it.

"Come on, there are lots of rumors about us already. It is not like the media haven't notice our distance, so I don't think it would be a shock at all."

"True…but still I don't think Hoshiko would agree with this."

"It's ok, once I have Hoshi on his feet I will be coming back. So I am just letting you live your dream for now Ren, so you better enjoy it."

Renzo was thoughtful for a few moments and then said: "Alright; I will." Deep in his heart it was what he wished for the most and the previous night's show definitely prove to him that was what he truly wanted.

"So, is everyone cool with my decision? I was thinking about doing a press conference about it, but we have to plan it right so I need your help Aiko."

"I guess we can think of something, but…are you sure about this? Somehow I feel responsible; are you angry because I punish you for skipping rehearsal?"

"I admit I was angry, but I also admit you were right and that I deserve it. While I watched the performance I realize how much I need to work and how little I've been practicing, so…I wasn't keeping my promise to Hoshi. I have to work harder in order to deserve been part of the band. I want to have the right to be part of it because right now I can't compare my talent to any of you; you are all way above me, even you Chico…in a short time you have managed to learn so much and become a better performer. Last night…for the first time I actually look at you and realize how great your performance was and that you had nothing to envy my Hoshi because you already are a real star." She looks down and let her tears fall again. "I know I've been really hard on you and I know I will always be because I can't forgive you for replacing my beloved, but I admit you have grown as an artist amazingly and that your performance is no longer a copy of Hoshiko's, your performance is unique and wonderful. But because of that…I hate you even more!" She looks straight at his eyes. "And I won't let you get away with it. I won't let you steal Hoshi's life. I won't let you fool everyone, especially Aiko who is obviously confused."

"I am not confused."

"Yes you are, and it's his entire fault." She points at Chico. "You are a liar! Last night you were dancing and flirting with all the girls and I bet you were having a blast because you were not pretending you like a bitter old guy."

"Aiko is not old!" Was all Chico could say and then pouts.

"He is for a kid like you! What are you twelve?"

"I'M NOT!" He yells really hard because it scare him even more; he knows how Aiko feels about his age and how frightened he was that he would be a minor. "I am 19! I am 19!"

"You actually believe you are Hoshiko? God, this guy is a loony."

"I'm not a cartoon." He pouts and everyone made the most amusing face ever. "What?"

"HAHAHAHA!! I'm not a cartoon! HAHAHA HILARIOUS!" Yoshi and Mieko were laughing so hard they had tears.

"Aren't loony cartoons? You know Bugs and Daffy?" Chico scratches his head and made a funny face.

"You see, he is twelve!" Takara laugh at his face. "He is a total idiot Aiko, aren't you ashamed of his stupidity?"

"No, I am not! He is not stupid; he just needs to study and learn more. You can't expect him to know so much in so little time."

"I guess, but the loony thing was priceless."

"Whatever…just don't bug him anymore." He places his arm around his shoulders. "Don't worry ok, I trust you."

Chico's lips draw a huge smile and he immediately jumps to his arms. "Aiko!"

"Whatever but don't come crying later when he betrays you. I won't feel bad because I did warn you." Takara rolled her eyes. "It is really annoying to see you both hugging like that!" She turns around. "I'm leaving then."

"Wait!"Aiko quickly call out. "We have to make plans for the press conference, and I obviously want to be there."

"Oh yeah…let's decide on something."


After Takara left the others felt like they should give the new couple some time alone so they can talk and discuss things between them because it was obvious there was tension in the air. The accusations made toward the Mexican weren't pretty and even when Aiko said he trusted him it was only natural there were unspoken doubts inside his heart. Aiko was a distrustful person, it was very hard for him to trust people and even when he felt he trusted the guy, he couldn't help but to think what if?

"Hum… So Aiko are we ok? You are so silent ever since they left."

"I'm sorry, you were saying?" His mind was absent and wasn't paying attention.

"I said…." It hurt him to see his expression since it was obvious he was having second thoughts. "You know, I though you said I shouldn't worry."

"I did." But he was distant.

Chico frowns and forces him to look at his eyes. "I am here! You can say whatever you want to my face! You don't trust me, right?" But he only stares blankly at him. "I though I showed you how I felt because words are just that. I gave you my body and soul lat night or did you already forget? Didn't you felt how my heartbeat accelerates every time you touch me, or kiss me, or simply look at me? You don't remember how I tremble in your arms and how happy I was? I though you were happy too…"

He was about to answer but then his telephone starts ringing. "I'm sorry." He answers. "Oh, it's you. What do you want? I'm busy right now. No, I can't go out with you… I though I was clear. Look…" Suddenly Chico took the phone and turns it off. "Woah! What are you doing?!"

"YOU ARE TALKING TO ME! TO ME! So don't talk to anyone else!" His eyes were filled with tears. "Don't ignore me! I… I… Oh, forget it! Go out with that idiot if that's what you want!!" He tried to run away but Aiko manages to grab him and pull him close.

"I don't want to go out with Laurence. I'm sorry but you have to admit all the things Takara said were scary. I couldn't help but to let my protective subconscious to take over. I over think everything and you know it-but you are right… There are things that can't be faked and last night was pretty real." He looks into his eyes. "I do trust you." His hand caresses the wet cheek before him. "Don't go psycho on me, k? It scared me to death when you started screaming, I though you went nuts!"

Chico giggled. "I'm sorry but that guy…he keeps getting in my way and he has very bad timing too."

"Yes he does." He pulled Chico until he was sitting on his lap to gently kiss him. "Let's try not to fight; this is our first day officially together, right?"

"Right! Takara…you won't be forgiven! How dare she try to poison your brain against me! I wanted to die! I was so scared that you would hate me."

"I don't think I could hate you even if what she says is true."

"IT IS NOT!" He was hysterical again.

"I know, chill out. Wow, you go berserk easily."

"If something threatens our relationship I would go insane ASAP." He sheepishly smiles.

"Silly boy." He softly pats his head and hugs him tight. "I won't let go of you. Now YOU won' be able to get rid of me, so prepare yourself." Chico smiles at him and stays in his arms while dreaming of eternal happiness.

End of chapter 26

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