The Penguin Files

Once upon a time, There were three penguins named Bill, Bo, and Bob. They were happy everyday because they loved to go swimming in the nice cold ocean and slide down Penguin Hill.

One morning, they awoke to find that there had been a huge snowfall that night and Penguin Hill was totally buried. Even though they couldn't slide today, they decided to go to the swimming hole. When they reached the swimming hole, they found that the hole had frozen over.

Bill, Bo, and Bob were starting to worry. If they couldn't swim or slide, what could they do? Making snow penguins and having snowball fights is all right, but not as fun as what they wanted to do.

They started to go home when they noticed Joe Cool, the coolest penguin in the South Pole. They were going to tell him about the ice when he jumped on the ice and began to skate. What they didn't know is that when you can't swim or slide, skate. And from this day on they would skate when they couldn't do the other exciting activities.

If you think this is the end, you are wrong. Less then a week later, Bill, Bo, and Bob were skating when suddenly the ice exploded and threw them everywhere. When they got up they saw that a baby whale had crashed into the ice and was now stuck. Joe Cool had seen what happened and came up with an idea. They would used their beaks to cut at the ice and try to free the baby whale. After twenty minutes of chiseling, the baby whale was free. The baby whale's parents were so thankful they gave Bill, Bo, Bob, And Joe Cool a ride on their backs to the Whales' home for a big lunch.

And they all lived happily ever after. THE END