The sun beats down

We got off easy

It could be your hand

We nail and hammer and screw


your assistance is purely hypothetical, theoretical, rhetorical



(reminds me of someone I know)

and we hammer and nail and screw


as the sun beats down

(we got off easy)

and you sit and offer advice

(as useless as the giver)

so kick back with your book

(cheesy romances do not a swing create)

take a swig of your cold drink

(lead us not into temptation but deliver us from weevils)

reap what you sew

(as we sow your seeds for you)

this (throne) seat will create the perfect complement to my lovely vista of plant filled beauty

(so you think to yourself)

ownership is an odd idea to you

you supplied the labor once upon a time

and now that labor works for you still

(amazing how you can get a garden from 12 hours and the assistance of a local)

I pause in my own labor, an extension of your’s

don’t say a word

don’t even smile

that would be the splinter that breaks my (heart) hand

just sit in ignorance

as I think


build your own fucking porch swing!!!