Ok, this is really short but it is just the prologue.

Hope you all enjoy.




The dark night sky twinkled with thousands of stars that surrounded the full moon. Even though most of the glowing orbs could be seen, a light cloud cover hung in the air, casting crimson around the moon.

The night was a silent one, one that most feared. The cry of wolves could be heard far off in the distance and the scurrying of small woodland creatures was intensified in the quiet. The soft trickle of a nearby stream was the only other sound heard as a tall slender figure pulled their cape tighter and the hood coving their face down further.

The figure was unhindered by the noises of the dark night having nothing to fear but what lay behind in the shadows that were in its wake.

Behind them was death. Behind them was fear and suffering â€" behind them was hell itself.

Already the future was looking brighter, just by the guiding light of the stars escape seemed possible. It had been too long since the figure had been out in the night without fearing for their life. It was, after all, referred to as a creature of the darkness, and this night was like any other and they drew power from it.

As a shout came to the cloaked person’s ears they hurried on, eager to keep out of sight and out of earshot.

Peering through the dense trees, they could just see the soft glow of a burning torch as it bobbed up and down with the walking carrier. The flickering lights were everywhere now and starting to close in on the fleeing form as it pushed itself harder through the forest.

The once quiet woodland was now alive with sounds. Shouts from angered and scared townsfolk, the barking of hunting dogs and the soft noise of retreating squeals and fleeting bats.

So alive in fact, that the form did not hear the stealthy approach of another person on their right. When the sound of a snapping branch alerted them, it was just seconds before it would have been too late.

The cloaked form spun to face their attacker and in doing so let the hood fall from their head.

Long and straight flame-red hair spilled from under the dark hood as piercing bright green eyes flashed at her attacker. Without so much as a second thought, the young woman started to advance on the man who held out a dagger in a show of defense.

A smile played at the corner of the woman’s lips as she looked at the men and saw his fear. It seemed unnatural that one so strong as this particular farmer would be so scared of her, yet deep down she loved the feeling. She felt so powerful when people backed down and away from her and this man’s reaction was no different.

Acting quickly, she sucked in a deep breath and let it out fiercely in a menacing hiss, her entire face transforming into what resembled a wild beast.

The man jumped back terrified, his back hitting a tree trunk forcing him to drop his dagger to the ground. As the woman’s face returned back to normal and she advanced on him again a slight whimper escaped his throat, causing yet another smile to cross the red-head's pale face.

Reaching down to grab the dagger while still keeping an eye on the trapped man, she hissed again, forcing him closer to the tree.

As she straightened she looked the man right in the eyes while placing the dagger at the corner of her mouth, running it softly over her bottom lip.

Then in a whispered voice she began to chant, “Sol obscurus, mihi, Potentiae tuae. Sol obscurus, mihi, Potentiae tuae.â€