Automatic Card Shuffler


(you make none)

how I wish you did

speak this language

so (beyond your grasp) glossy and hopeful

next to your archaic spewings

your guttural shrieks

the words of the destroyers of Rome

(oui, tu es l’etranger)


(like to see her try)

cut me down

with words of madness

(you selfish little)

and i

I cut the ties

(that bind)

I’m yanked in your wake

(make way for)

as you hurl accusations in your native tongue

And I lose the sense (of myself)

That god gave me

You ask questions unanswerable and say things untrue

But I wonder

( how silly of)

can I be right

(check rule 1)

When I’m up against you?

(the enemy of my enemy)

The taint of madness

Is contagious (did we learn nothing from Pasteur?)

And soon I lose sight of



I rely on the others

The arachnids

The grinning tulips

Their sight is unclouded

(for flowers anyway)

and for me

the blindfold is off

I sit in amazement

( how did they)

the dervish from whence I sprang

(just another case of)

your swirling reds make me ill

(who needs easter)

we all are in awe

(all in all is all)

and you continue unknowingly

to while away the hours spinning fairy tales

The canon of your universe is the fantasy of ours