Bleed in Red

Their eyes all glaring at me
Their anger pouring out
For some reason I am 'wrong' to them
And they feel the need to shout

At the one that they don't understand
Not a lemming like the rest
My tears are all they want to see
And so I do my best

To act like I don't give a shit
Throw it all back in their face
But it's all just so exhausting
I wish that I could leave this place

Feel all I've bottled up inside
Be weak for only once
Feel the sting of all their shouts and jeers
That my attitude appears to blunt

So before you call me'bitch' or 'whore'
Think of how I'd feel inside
Under all the sarcasm and the black ang grey
There's something that I hide

I may look like I just don't care
Stick out my tongue and toss my head
But under all the black and grey
I still bleed in red