Jude was seated in the bar and gently relaxing, his body tenseness happily releasing itself into the air. He stirred his drink idly and people watched, wondering if anyone he knew would walk in-most of the pirates knew each other pretty well, and most of the pirates were fairly intresting to talk to, what with sharing the same career and all. In any case, the room was cool and outside was deathly hot, and Jude didn't really feel like moving or bothering to do anything beside think. His eyelids lowered slightly, and nearly completely closed-until the sound of the door opening to the bar snapped them right open again. Jude glanced swiftly to the door, then froze in general disbelief. Deathboy…that thieving cheap as s hijacker who'd bothered to save- had just walked fairly calmly in the door and seated himself at the bar, a few seats down from Jude. He didn't appear to notice or recognize Jude, and if he did, he wasn't exactly talking. Jude sort of mulled over a few possibilities. No 1 was that he could go up to Deathboy and demand money of some sort. No 2 was that he'd wait for an opportune time to ask for or extract the money, maybe even catch him outside the bar. No 3. was that he'd stew in his own poverty and leave the damn man alone. Jude pondered, didn't ponder for long, and quickly shoved himself off the bar stool.

Deathboy was sitting at the bar, talking in a general manner to a decent looking woman seated next to him. Linear thought wasn't really coming to him at the moment, and he didn't really miss it, considering that it was one of his underused skills at the best of times. Certainly the woman didn't seem to mind, and she was nodding her head and giggling at all the right places, and Deathboy was suitably satisfied for his requirements for a Good Evening Out. He was just going for another gulp of his drink when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up, blinked. It was that guy who'd helped him yesterday, which sort of interested Deathboy since he hadn't thought he was the type to be interested in further corrospondence, but whatever. "What do you want?", he said sweetly.

"More money for saving your ass.", Jude said matter of factly.

Deathboy started to say something, stopped. "I don't have money."

"How'd you buy the drink?"

"It was my last dollar."

Jude half sneered. "What kind of idiot would spend their last money on a drink?"

Deathboy didn't know but he planned on telling , but just then everything stopped, mainly because the door to the bar had suddenly been thrown open by three cops in full riot gear. Jude froze, and he removed his hand from Deathboy's shoulder, relaxing slightly as he noted that they weren't looking at him. The police were looking very mean and very angry that they had to be working this late, and by the way they had their guns waving they appeared to be pretty certain that the person they were looking for was in this bar. Deathboy gulped. It was about a 99.9 percent chance that that person would be him.

"Deathboy Sinai, get up from the bar and place your hands over your head." , hissed one of the officers. The officers began combing the room, working methodically through the rows of stock still people throughout the establishment. Deathboy winced, thought quickly, noted that Jude was definitely considering giving him away, considering his recent body language. Jude smiled right back at him, his face rather pokeresque but certainly evil. Shhiiitt. Deathboy swiftly mouthed the words "I'll give you a cut of my pay if you help me." Jude rolled his eyes. "You can kill me if you have to. You can have my ship.", he mouthed, hoping to appeal to Jude's more arrogant tendancy's. That got him. Jude perked up. Deathboy drew his gun, nodded at the officers. Jude smiled, drew his own gun, silently, the movement hidden by the crush of people around them.

Jude bust through the crush of people in one clean movement and dove behind the bar, scattering glasses of gin and bourbon all over the viewing public and creating the sort of loud flashy crashing sound that Jude especially liked. The officer's heads snapped around ,and Jude fired one clean true shot towards the officer in the middle's forehead, who was knocked back in a spurt of blood, with a solid yelp. The two others got the message and returned fire with a vengeance, spraying bullets into the drinks cabinet and over the heads of the crush of people, and Jude ducked down in another quick motion and covered his head with his hands, shielding himself from the mounds of crashing and spurting bottles and hoping against hope that Deathboy was as good as everyone said he was.

The crowd of screaming bar flies was half running, half crawling to the exist, and Deathboy used the crush to his advantage, riding it like a human wave. Of course, he was taller then everyone else, so he kept it down to a lean crouch. He fired a few shots into the ceiling for more general confusion, and the crowd responded, their actions becoming even more frenzied and causing the officers to become more and more confused as to where in hell the shots were actually coming from.

They fired randomly over the heads of the crush of people in the bar, and Deathboy quickly maneuvered himself into position, firing one more clean shot right into the wall and hoping Jude knew enough to take the chance. Jude was no idiot never was one,, and once the officers attention was diverted away from the bar, he popped right over the edge and fired a few times, the shots cracking around the bar and breaking glass. The second man gasped, staggered, fell with a satisfying thump, and the last officer stood confused for a moment, fired a shot toward the bar, heard someone yelp, turned his head and stared. The head turned was all Deathboy needed, even for a fairly lousy shot such as himself. Deathboy aimed for the chest, hit him right in the leg, and he went down, and Deathboy was out the door, Jude vaulting over the bar and following right behind him.

Deathboy sprinted for a ways, and finally slipped into an alley to catch his breath and regroup, maybe re-synch his mind with his body. Jude slipped in besides Deathboy , and he leaned luxuriantly against the dumpster, exhaled forcefully. "Oh my god…thanks", Deathboy said pointedly. Jude rolled his eyes.

"You're not worth it. Now about this money." Jude pointed his gun to Deathboy's forehead and stared into his eyes, although he was smirking gently. Deathboy gulped.

"There's no money on me.", Deathboy said quietly.

Jude blanched. "What? I risk my hide for you AGAIN, and there's STILL no money ?"

Deathboy nodded, smiled. Jude shot him a pointed glare and stalked around him, adjusted his turtleneck. "Then how are you going to pay me? I can't very well put you to work washing my dishes or something." He turned around and glared at Deathboy sort of like a school principal that glares at an offending student.

Deathboy winced. "Look, I've got a new job coming up. There'll be a considerable pay off, and then you can have at least half of the money. See, all I've got to do is get home to my ship, and scan this key here…" Deathboy scrabbled in his pocket, then held the key up for inspection. Jude regarded it with a vaguely interested eye.

"Uh huh. And you can do that, really you can, just as long as I'm on your skinny little back the whole time." Jude smiled more sweetly this time.

Deathboy sighed. "You really take me for a swindler? That sort of distrust really ain't seemly on the young and idealistic, such as yourself.."

"Shut up. Now let's get moving."

Deathboy could take a hint, and he quickly started pacing at a considerable speed down the street, Jude following him like a tall and heavily armed hound dog. As he walked, Deathboy gritted his teeth and sighed. This just wasn't his day.