Insane Need

I'm sitting here
at my computer,
playing Mah Jongg
and listening to that good old
rock and roll music,
minding my own business,
when suddenly
it takes me.
I'm not surprised
for this happens
all the time,
when I least expect it.
I shake my head,
laughing inwardly at this
insane need
to watch you while you sleep,
and I don't know
where it comes from,
but I know that I can't
stop it,
and it's then that I
I just know
that I love you
and even when that
insane need
drifts away, still
that love will linger...
and I'll be left with just
the insane need
to tell you all about it.

Author's Notes: It's a bit mushy, but I also thought it was humorous in a way. ^_^ This is true, it actually happens to me. @_@ I'm getting sick of writing free verse, but I thought this was kinda nice anyway. =) That's it. Really! *laughs* Didn't expect that, did you? ^_~ No mile-long A/N this time. Thanks for taking time out to look at my stuff!! ^_^_^ ~MJ
Date of Composition: June 28, 2002