Michael's Decree

It was a bright and sunny day
here on the Earth that God had made;
it was half past half past quarter to eleven,
when Satan came up toward the gates of heaven.

"I have a compromise to make,"
hissed the Devil like a snake.
God decided to reply to this serpentine call,
and sent down Michael, most holy of them all.

"What is it you want, Dark Prince?"
asked Michael, and at his glow Satan winced,
"First of all, please, could you turn out that light!?"
Michael nodded and eased the Devil's sight.

"What I'm asking this bright, sunny day,"
the Devil, with unmasked contempt did say,
"is that a certain two people be torn apart;
I'm appalled with their sick puppy-loving hearts.

"I'm sure an agreement can be reached;
grant me this request, I do beseech."
"What certain two people?" Michael asked,
"You'll have to be more specific than that."

Satan cupped his hand to Michael's ear,
and whispered, just loud enough to hear,
the names of the two he wished to destroy:
two innocent children, one girl and one boy.

"Lucifer!" Michael cried out in surprise,
looking into the Evil One's slitted black eyes,
"How could you ask me to do such a thing?
Can't you see how their hearts just sing?"

With a shudder he replied, "You see,
that is just what bothers me—
I tolerate most true loves around,
but this one is just too strong, I've found."

"I cannot do that," Michael said,
but just as he started to turn his head,
Satan, panicked, loudly cried,
"Then we shall make a compromise!"

Grinned the Devil, "Just look, Mike.
Look down now, you'll see it like
I see it—watch their lips, watch their eyes,
and if that doesn't bother you, watch how he lies!"

Michael watched, saw the boy gently kick
the girl, saw her mind starting to tick,
and her heart beating faster with each passing second,
and with all this evidence Michael finally reckoned.

"Yes, Lucifer, while I see his little lies,
they mean nothing compared to how her heart cries,
so how can I justify tearing them apart?
You don't understand the depth of their hearts."

"There's nothing too beautiful to destroy,"
hissed the fallen angel, rather coy,
"but if you and your friends above
would rather, they may still be in love."

Disappointment was clear in Satan's voice,
but Michael made that final choice:
"As much as I don't like to do this,
if I don't, you'll never let me through this.

"The two shall ever feel the same way,
but in the end, be pulled away;
they again may see one another never,
but a yearning to do so shall plague them forever."

With a sigh, Michael reluctantly conceded;
he'd done his best, but he had needed
much more to bring justice here;
and Satan, he just left with a sneer.

God knew Michael had tried his best,
so forgave him and let his mind rest,
but Michael's decree has e'er since stood,
and two hearts are sad, though he did the best he could.

Author's Notes: I dunno where the idea for this came from, but I really like it! ^_^ It's one of those things that if someone else had written it and I had read it, it would be one of my favorites. You know?? I'm kinda proud of the originality of this idea, so if you don't agree, well...haha tough luck. lol ^_~ I know the end is a little disappointing, but I dunno what I was supposed to say. Regular readers know who the boy and the girl are—it's just a new take on what I've been talking about (see "Aloha"). Don't be shy to review if you've got something to say. ^_^ Thanks, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! ~MJ
Date of Composition: June 29, 2002 from about 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.