Notes 1/10/02

So strange watching the world around me unfold as I live
And I sit
And I write
And tune out those that surround me.
The setting: a small classroom
The mood: mostly vibrant, with touches of laughter
The class clown gets his usual laughs from his group of friends, his personal connection to popularity and human contact.
Everyone seperates to their own litle cliques, unrelenting in their quest to stay together.
Some work in silence, reveling it until their work is done,
Others soak up their lives through temporary happiness a.k.a. the aforementioned laughter
That lights eyes and souls alike,
On a day which none may remember in the years to come,
Save as a blur of youth.
Strange I only have a year and a half of high school left;
My perception of time now is of a bullet train,
Those dropped off are forever left behind.
One next to me trade the physical world to a digital one, if only for a while.
His mind,
His life,
His very time,
Absorbed by a machine,
At his own will.
Strange the way different people spend the same time used by all,
And controlled by none.
Our own microcosm ignores the gloom and gray of the winter months.
What strange creatures we are.