I'm all alone, sat in my room,
Slumped in idleness and gloom,
Completely bored out of my skull.
What's wrong with me? Why's life so dull?

As boredom comes too much to bear,
And I catch myself starting to stare
At my bare half-empty walls -
I hear a sound from down the hall.

The music smacks into my brain
And sanity begins to drain
Away as the music starts;
Conscious thoughts, now depart.

My hands start moving, fingers tap,
Arms swaying this way and that -
And as I hear the drum beats roll
I completely lose control.

And when the bass line kicks in
I punch the air, and scream within.
And the guitar riffs I adore
Capture me, and I scream for more.

The drums are my heartbeat, erratic and strong,
The bass line's my lifeblood, pulsing along,
The guitar is etched into my very soul,
And they all go together to make me whole.

The song ends too soon, but it won't be long
Before another one comes along.
And I smile, and on my bed I lay
And praise that sensation, that band Green Day.