A McDonalds In Virginia, Not Far From The Capital

Close to Richmond,
The old man offering heartening words from his
Car while the dog
Pants in the sun.

A boy with a cigarette behind his ear. The sun
Has hidden for days now
June is summer one more. Then
Door needs oil: it screams every arrival
And another tragic hero wipes
Down tables.

Two men,
Smiling "miles to go, brother" the little
Birds flying him
To nest,
A flicker of white that is blackness off
Sunglasses thru' the window, he
Crouches in a purple
Shirt with a
Black dog.

The gas station(Exxon)is
Pulling in a good trade
So many people leaving home returning
Home finding home: the mirrors on the
Wall newly washed:

Everything is the same here
Or not at all, a tinny radio
Pattering voices above the man,
Crying and laughing at road signs and the myriad
Colored map trails. Highways. State Interstate Numbers Lines…
("miles to go, brother") and it is not
something to understand nor return to
(here we are) but returning from…
leaving "to":

All the difference in the World.
The man
In dusky blue (eye and
Shirt) just left.

His gaze
Was weary.