A Small Plane Over The Storm And Tropical Birds

Mask-faces of heron birds
Unnatural whiteness white
Of sky of building
Stone and speech
A plane hums

Not a thing as thunder or rain
Like imploring crows and noise
That is only
Just a plane becoming a boat
About Boston,
Which is far off as clouds
And crows.

As fleeting blue-eyed herons-ibises
Panting sparrows
A desperation
Which is born of
Happiness and Time.


is urgency in droning aero planes small and red above the
throng of desperate people and desperate places

Fruit and hazelnut behind
As dark as light as the
Center of a crow's eye.
Mask-like, everything
Is only the spaces between the
Clouds and the seconds following
The rain.

Or birds.
Mallards. Crows.
Herons. All in that all is
Nothing and sun
And all.