A Tragic Hero

The attendant wears white and
Black and pale tho' sun. His hair
Is white or however
Close as to it.

There is Something
Lonely here that no one realizes
And everyone accepts. There is
Something about sadness and
Ghosts here.
Where it is they are and
To find it we have
Comeā€¦as we have always come and will come.

The attendant shoos away
An ibis white as he and pale
Pink blue. They birds know
The loneliness like hands bearing
Half-food. Like
Twining wires over-head
The young man
Dreams of tiny claws
Scratching at canvas
Above him.

When you live here all you
Need is loneliness and nothing
Much is but what is. He
Squints, undersun bleary-eyed
And completely happy with
He hears the screams and
Knows they are screams. At
The nape of his neck
His hair is dark black grey

He works and sees the
Cancer growing and the
Glistening of sweat on the
Smiling men as just
What it