The Third Terminal

"I'm Sorry," I stammered. " I thought you were someone I knew a long time ago." "Well obviously I'm not!" the woman the woman said coldly, glaring at me with her nose up high. "Now don't bother me or I'll call security!" Then she walked off mumbling and grumbling about the growing number of lunatics there were nowadays. I sighed as the people around me stared. I silently reprimanded myself for hallucinating. The person I had mistaken the haughty womanfor was my university sweetheart. Possibly the only girl that I've met who didn't try to take advantage of me. Sweet, smart and musically talented, there was no wonder I was attracted to her. I left her to start my career as a poet in Wales because she still had to take 2 more years in university to finally graduate as a qualified pharmacist. I managed to scrape a living together to a mediocre status from book sales and had barely put together enough money for a ticket back to Bath and the University of Bath in America to meet her where we had promised 2 years ago - outside the third terminal of the airport, where you can see the planes flying and the sunrise from the shaded glass panes. Suddenly, I saw a woman, sleek, fair and bouncy hair with a sweet smile on her face. 'Cath?' I asked, I got up and and ran over, tears in my eyes because I missed her so much, my heart soared and my soul sang. But then my heart fell and my soul croaked, there was no one there at all. It had been an image, a mirage, nothing. Composing myself, I sat back down and forced myself to wait, 'she's only an hour late.' I reasoned with myself. Doing my best not to doubt.


2 Hours, 6 cups of coffee, 2 pens and 4 poems later, I couldn't stand it anymore. "She's probrably forgotten me and found someone better" I tell myself. All I could do was sit and stare at the cold marble floor. Slowly, my tears overtook and started welling in my eyes. Then I heard laughter, sweet melodious laughter, I looked up, afraid to rush over to another hallucination. The voice was coming closer. Then 2 young woman came chasing each other up the hallway, none of them was my Catherine. I looked back and started remembering all the fun times we have had. All the dates, the mornings apent in the third terminal of the airport watching the sunrise, all the evenings at the beach sitting in my beat up old Mitsubishi Lancer watching the sunset. Slowly I shed my tears, felling all alone all of a sudden. "I don't think this is the proper place for a distinguished poet to be crying is it?" I looked up, I knew that voice. "Cath?" I looked up further, "Cath!" Sure enough, there was the beautiful angel I had began to love only a few years back. I immediatly got up and caught her in a big hug. We held each other for along time. Then I let her go and asked, " where were you? I thought we said 10 o'clock? She looked at me puzzled glanced at her watch and then back at me, "It is." "What?" I glanced at my watch, then remembered something, I had forgotten to set the time backwards in all the hurry to see her! I told her all that happened and she burst into joyous and amused peals of laughter. A sound so sweet yet I hadn't heard for a long time. I laughed along, throughly enjoying the moment.

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