Things I'll Never Say

Julie E. Miller


Epilogue: Curtains Close

So that's it. It's my story of triumph, defeat, learning, and most of all, love. I discovered a bond with my father and formed relationships on that base that last up to this very day, twelve years later. I'm thirty now, the big, old, thirty. It's not so bad though.

I sit here, on my back porch, in a house next door to my father's and finally pen these words down, the story of my life and wonder still what my purpose is here. I've got a degree in marketing, but haven't done all that much with it. I just never quite got my career off the ground…not that it matters.

May went off to school and majored in business and Jonah went off and joined the army. They split up for awhile, but are finally engaged now and live up in New York. May opened a very successful five star hotel and I enjoy going there and staying in the President's Suite rather often.

My dad is healthier than a horse. I don't know how he still does all his army stuff without a problem. Every year we return to my mom's grave and I talk to her to get her caught up on what has been going on in my life. It's still a comfort.

Brad's parents still haven't talked to him since his nineteenth birthday. Sometimes it disappoints him, others it makes him happy. His grandfather is still alive and kicking and so we often take trips to see him in Florida. Brad's been earning his way up through the army and is now in the position that my father was in so many years ago.

As for the two of us…

We've had a hard journey. I've cried tears, he's cried tears. We've laughed. We've basically lived. On my twenty-fifth birthday, he just knelt down on one knee and asked me to pledge the rest of my life to him…so I did.

Our first son was born a week ago and I don't think Brad has ever showered more love on a person, than he does his son. I know he doesn't want to be the type of father he had growing up and he's doing a terrific job at not being that man. As for me…

I love Brad…and I love my son. I will finish writing these words and know that my future is looking up. I've got family and friends who would go miles upon miles for me and I love them for it. I know in my heart that I'm finally home.

Finished on August 5, 2002.

Ó Julie Elizabeth Miller, 2002

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