23 Days

A journal kept by Dr. of botany Abigail Hall during the ecological research expedition to the jungle. This scientific account was kept in a large, black hardcover journal. Only few of the hundred-and-fifty pages were filled.

Day one: Having completed the preparations after a delay of five months, the expedition sets off. There were no unusual happenings.

Day two: I located what I believed was a previously unclassified plant. After several hours of research I found out from Rays, Jung and Baker that it was a common native specimen defined more than fifty years ago. There were no other events.

Day three: Uneventful.

Day five: Yesterday we reached the outlying swamps. Having fallen behind schedule, we had to work late and so I had no time to write.

Day six: I found another unidentified plant. This one was indeed unclassified. No other botanist located a previously unknown specimen.

Day seven: While I was collecting moss spores, a decision was made to set up camp in the swamps for a few weeks, due to a miscalculation of supplies. I'm not likely to get to the area of the jungles where the ferns I intended to study grow for another three weeks or so.

Day eight: Two of my samples were lost. Dr. Rays refused to share his samples of the same plants.

Day fourteen: I hadn't been able to write because I was infected with a local parasite and my fever was too high. Jackson, the bacteriologist, mentioned it was close to critical.

Day fifteen: My collection of local mosses has been doubled.

Day sixteen: I didn't go collecting today, and instead stayed in my tent and tried to analyze the spores I found without the facilities of the botany lab, which were being used by Baker and Rays.

Day seventeen: The lab is still taken, so my analysis has been slow. I might not be done with the preliminary work for a week, and I won't search for new samples until this preliminary analysis is completed.

Day nineteen: Baker got news from home that she wouldn't share and left.

Day twenty: News has arrived that Lou Elder, who sponsored my dissertation for publishing, will be sent to replace Baker as botanical ecologist. The lab was available, and my primary study of plants collected thus far is progressing.

Day twenty one: I finished the analysis this morning and spent the afternoon scouting for new samples.

Day twenty two: While I was preparing to scout for more mosses I was informed that Elder will be coming with another botanist. I spent the rest of the day packing my equipment. The moss samples weren't packed because Rays informed me that the new team will need to study them further.

Day twenty three: This morning I left the temporary camp.