DISCLAIMER:  The story below is a pure work of fiction.  Any similarities to those living or dead are purely coincidental.  The story contained herein is rated R for strong sexual situations, violence, and rape.  Over 'n' out.

*  *  *


Falk Kantor stood looking out an airport window.  He had just watched KT walk out of his life.  With a pain one could only describe as bittersweet, he began to wonder why all the women he loved ended up leaving him.  Of course, he had encouraged [and persuaded, if the truth were known] KT to leave.  She had always wanted to go to law school, and she had found one that offered her a full scholarship plus living allowances.  You're crazy if you don't take it, he told her.  She had been in love with Kantor as well, and was hard pressed to leave.

They had been together right about six months, and KT had moved in with Kantor.  Nasya loved her, as did Adira.  For the first time since Selarah died, Kantor was actually thinking of marriage again.  However, KT had been offered her dream, and there was no way he would allow his love for her, or his selfishness, to interfere with that.

"I hope I'm doing the right thing," she had said, uncertain.

"You are, or you wouldn't have come this far."

"So," she had said with a shaky voice.  "Does this mean we're over?"

He had taken her in his arms and kissed her.  "I'd rather think of it as being on hold," he had told her after he broke the kiss.

She had managed to smile a little, even though she was certain she would never see him again.  "I love you, Chief."

"I love you, too, Watts."

She had then broken away from his embrace and made her way down the runway.  She was close to changing her mind, and if she looked back, she knew she would have stayed with him, married him, and bore a house full of children.  KT had managed to fall in love with Kantor [it hadn't been a difficult feat at all], and his daughter as well.  However, right at this point in her life, she wasn't quite ready for marriage and children.  Kantor had known this and accepted it.  He had been her true rock, her solid foundation.  Regardless of where she ended up, she would love him and be grateful to him for the rest of her life.

After a very long time, Kantor left the airport.  He had tons of work to do, not knowing that fate would soon step in and change his life again.