Note from Shadow: Here's one of those new stories I promised everyone. It treads more in the realm of fantasy than horror. No vampires here although other creatures are in abundance and not all of them are good. So sit back, read and review.

They call me Fire and it seems to fit. I've been told that I posses all of the charms of fire; danger, liveliness, unpredictability, but that was by a boy so I wouldn't put much faith in the words. I guess it was my hair that made them decide on the nickname. You see, my hair is bright red and tends to fly behind me like a Phoenix's tail. Thankfully, it doesn't glow like one. That would be quite irritating. Anyway, back to the story.

It's early June and I'm sitting in my father's court. Like any young person I'd rather be in the forest but my presence has been requested. Did I mention that my father was king of the elves? Yes, that makes "no" an impossible answer. I had only been sitting there for a few minutes and already I was bored. I was daydreaming about talking to one of my bird friends when I heard my name.

"Fire, I would like to introduce you to Sands and Raven," my father said. I looked up and saw two human men standing in the hall. One had sand colored hair and light brown eyes while the other had silky black hair and blue eyes that almost looked purple. I automatically disliked the sandy haired one. He had a strange feeling around him.

"What species are you?" I asked him.

"Fire!" my father said sternly. It was considered rude to be so blunt but I didn't care.

"It's quite alright," he insisted, "I'm one-quarter dwarf and three- quarters human."

"I sensed something strange about you," I said levelly. I like to follow my instincts and they're usually right. There was an uncomfortable silence before Raven finally spoke for the first time.

"It has been a pleasure to finally meet you, princess." His voice had an undercurrent of water running over rocks. It made me smile even though I was stuck inside on such a beautiful day.

"It has been an interesting meeting," I reply trying not to smile too brightly. I seldom smile in the sight of other people.

"You may go now, Fire," my father said smiling a little. It seemed strangely sad but I didn't notice. I nodded and practically ran outside. The guests were interesting but nature was much more fascinating. I smiled as the forest plants appeared and I disappeared into the green foliage. Little did I know that my life was about to change completely.