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Title: A Little Miscalculation
By: Burningwaters

"What the heck is your problem?" I yelled at Regina. She didn't answer me. I don't even remember why we started fighting in the first place. But we were. Both of us, staring each other down with our deadliest glare. I was in the heat of things and didn't back down.

"I can't believe it. WHY?!" I yelled. This time she answers, "It wasn't my fault, ok? How would I know that it would work out that way?"

"Excuses, excuses," I mocked.

"I was only doing what I was told to do," she said, her balled fist shock with anger.

"Riiiiiggghhht," I exaggerated, "So if they told you to tell me to jump off a bridge, would you have done it?"

"It doesn't work that way. I've told ya already!" she raised her voice, "The council dema-"

"Screw the council! I hate them, I hate you!!" I yelled with rage. It wasn't suppose to be this way. I knew I should have backed down, but I didn't. I was just angry. Why? Because of a spell that gone wrong.

"You don't mean that..." he voice was low and threatening.

"Hn." I said, walking away, "Good-bye Regina, I don't ever want to see you again, now get out." I held the door open for her to get out.
She glared at me, "Think about what you are saying, Lilyan."

"I have. And this is my decision. I don't ever want to see you again, I don't ever want to have anything else to do with the council. Now, leave." She opened her mouth to say something. Then thought the better of it and left without another word. I was still mad and angry about the argument. I didn't want to stay home. So I left. The world was full vampires for me to beat up. Yes. That's what I'll do. Go find a prey. Hunt. and beat it up. My anger will be satisfied tonight. I walked to the cemetery. The hangout of vampires. It didn't take long to find a victim.

My blood was just boiling mad by then.


I am fighting. Beating up some lower creature of the night. And I am winning. Nothing fancy, just punching, hitting and kicking. My fist and my foot. The vampyre is down. He's been down and all I have to do is put that stake through his heart to make him turn into dust. But I felt like beating something up. Anger is still in my blood and I want to get rid of it all by killing. Suddenly I realize that one final kick should do it. He was already down, he was bleeding his stolen blood. But in that little moment of deciding the wretched vampyre recovers and grabs one of my leg, keeping me from kicking him anymore. I lost my balanced as he pulled. I went down. Hard. My breath is knock from me and my head hits the ground so hard that it made me feel dizzy with pain.

I fought to stay conscious but the blackness is closing in. It didn't really help, too, that the vampyre was getting his revenge just then. Bruises came. I felt it everywhere. I couldn't stay awake anymore. I was passing out. Just as soon as the attack started the attacks stopped. I barely had my sense. My eyes saw black spots. My hearing felt distance. Everything ached but I did hear someone struggling. Trying to keep alive from the attacking vampyre. While I try to regain my posture.

Quiet doesn't last long though, next thing I knew three other vampyre comes out of nowhere. They grabbed a hold of me. One holding my neck, the others holding each of my arms, preventing me from moving and breaking free. My head finally cleared enough for me to look up and see two other vampyre holding my savior. I realize that this untrained fighter is someone I know. The first vampyre, the one that I insist on not killing but beating him up, was the leader. He was commanding the six vampyres. He was the one to called them here. The leader goes to the untrained fighter and starts draining her of her blood, slowly. Just for revenge. He finished after what seemed like hours. I couldn't watch. No. I didn't want to watch. It was too painful. But the vampyre holding my neck forced me to watch. Tears formed and flowed freely. The vampyres got a good laugh at me for it.

The leader finished drinking he and started to come for me with an annoying smile on his face. So annoying, in fact, that I just want to....ARG! Overcome with grief I broke free with unknown strength. In two seconds flat, the three vampyre that was holding me is dust, another second or so, two more vampyre bites the dust. Now again it's just the leader and me. I went for him and start beating him down. This time with renew anger. Not the same anger as before but anger from grief. Over and over. Yelling curses and incomprehensible words. Until he was nothing more than a bloody pulp. Worst than before. Hn.

Then I stake him, tears still falling. And finally got enough courage to looked over at the dead body of my friend. She laid there. Her body had grown cold in the night wind. Then I realized what I had said to her. . I realize that I will never get to say sorry to her ever again. Then I realize that the last thing I said to her was "I want you out of my life, I don't ever want to see you again". My last memory of her was me, telling her that I hated her. One little miscalculation cost me the only friend I had in the whole world.


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