It's a Strawberry Sunday,
one of those rare days
when everyone walks on
the edge of a red haze.
In the back of your mind
a song quietly plays
triggered by something
a passing stranger says

The song doesn't quite intrude
it captures your mood
and all the crazy feelings
with which the day's imbued
and all the long pent-up
emotions you've accrued
are played in the first few
words of the song's prelude

The song takes control playing
around with your soul
and it takes you up high
then swoops down in a roll
and when the song ends you
are left feeling all cold
so you search for something
else to fill the deep hole.

It's a Strawberry Sunday
one of those rare days
when the whole world is
trapped in a red haze.
You try to recall words
to a tune that plays
in your mind ceaselessly
something you can't erase.