This hole in my chest;

Can you see it?

It's where my heart should be.

Is it there?

Oh it hurts,

All because your not here.

But I ask myself who you are

Why do I want you so badly?

But I cannot answer myself.

Tis scary,

When you can't even answer your own questions.

Many can't understand this amount of pain.

Can you or yet could you?

Not knowing makes me feel like I have to hide this side of me

Hide it from those who wouldn't understand.

So many don't know this side of me,

I wish they would-could know.

But everyone is so damn uncomfortable with the subject of love

Everyone thinks I'm strong and happy all the time

But that is my front, my shell

If I let the real me show would they all desert me?

The pain that would cause

I would not be able to bear it

The blackness would just swallow me