How many poems are lost through the need of sleep
Artistry vanished through the necessity of humanity
Warm affection crushed by depravity of security
Tears swallowed while the sadness continues to seep
My heart stops beating once again, but this time
It is not excitement of love, but the thorns of the rose
Where the happiness ends, and the real problems arose
In my heart, the bells of death mercilessly chimes
In my eyes, the visible droplets of water are choked back
In my soul, the cries for you cannot be silenced
The melodies I had with you had became a sombre cadence
The colourful images that we had painted is now pitch black
The ice returns to my world, the ice of loneliness
That once had been melted by your words and passion
I cannot deny it, I have to truthfully confess
My feelings for you surpass more than just friendliness
But I cannot stay with you, Your life should go on
Leave me here, your future shines in front of you so
I will stay here wondering why best things in life have to go
I will live, painfully but surely, even though you are gone