A Lament for Chapstick

My lips were once moist and happy,
But now they're dry and sad.
I used to not have a problem with chapping,
But now my lips hurt real bad,
For my stick of gloss is gone; it's lost!
My chapstick's gone away,
Gone to some fair world where
Rainbows remain in the sky all day and
Icicles stay frozen in summer and
Everyone has chapstick 'cause that's where mine went and
Flowers smile at the sun.
O Chapstick, thou hast met an untimely death!
Now that you have passed on, what is there left?
What do I have, now that you have gone to a better place,
An Eden of the mouth, where there is balm for the lips?
From mint to vanilla, so many flavors to sort through,
Yet I only want you.