Failure By LD

Now and then I wonder

If anyone's out there

I sit in darkened thought sometimes

and wonder if they care

I wonder if those words of theirs

were only things they said

To cover up their real true thoughts

A shade over my head

I feel the downward spiral

the talk about in books

But very few may see that

Judging from my looks

I try to do the best I can

To fit in with the rest

I know this whole thing sounds dramatic

But I really try my best

I don't mean to be a bother

I don't mean to be bad

I try so hard to make you laugh

instead I make you sad

It doesn't matter what I do,

I always do it wrong

I'll never be the person

you've wanted all along

I'm sorry that I never am

what you all want me to be

I'm sorry a pathetic failure

is all you see in me.

I'm sorry for mistakes I've made

For things that I have done

I never meant to be a pest

I didn't mean to hurt anyone

One day I'll leave you all alone

A pest no longer be

And you'll be better off, I know

One day you all will see.