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The light from the full moon is filtered by the leaves of the large ancient tree. Only small patches of the white light touch the damp ground. A cello plays softly in the background. The tree, which is near a cement path surrounded by freshly cut grass, sways slightly in the light breeze.

JETHRO stands under the tree with a rusted shovel in his hands. Jethro is around 50 years old and is wearing a scruffy brown coat and dirtied, black boots. He is of medium size build, unshaven and has brown hair with streaks of white in it and large bags underneath his tired eyes.

He wipes the perspiration off his worn face before raising the shovel and starting to dig. At his feet is a small hole with a mound of fresh earth beside it. Next to the hole is a bulky, brown, hessian sack.

As Jethro digs, PETE appears out of the shadows and walks up the path and past Jethro. He's young and tall and wears baggy clothes. He has a shaved head and pierced ear. As he strolls past Jethro, he hesitates, turns around and walks up to the old man.


Hey man, what's up?

Jethro ignores him and continues digging.


Hey, what are you doing man?

Still ignoring him, Jethro persistently shovels dirt from the hole and onto the growing mound beside him. Pete's eyes widen in shock when he spies the sack.



What the hell are you doing and what the hell is in that sack? Hey man, you better tell me what ya doing or I'm gonna call the cops.

Jethro stops digging and painfully stands up, holding the rusty shovel limply beside him. He stares fiercely at Pete, his eyes full of anger.



I'm burying my grandson.




A peeling sign: "Barry's Bar" hangs precariously above the entrance of the pub. Loud, boisterous voices and blues music can be heard from inside the pub.


I didn't like the place, I never did. It oozed of scum, immorality...I hated it. I didn't want to make him come here, but I needed the money. I wish I didn't need the money.

BOB, a drunk, wears faded jeans and a black shirt and is sitting on the steps of the worn down building. His head is between his legs and a bottle of vodka sits beside him. SCOTT and WADE, young men, walk into the pub, laughing and teasing each other.


The pub is full of smoke and the voices of many people can be heard.

ERIN, a young attractive brunette female singer, accompanies herself on guitar while singing blues music on a small shabby stage. There are tables covering the floor and they are full of PEOPLE drinking and talking loudly.

LEAH, a young blonde woman, gets up from her table and strolls confidently past a group of five young MALES who wolf whistle at her. Rolling her eyes, Leah walks to the bar. She stands at the bar, tapping her fingers impatiently.


Hey, can I have a beer here?

JETHRO walks over, drying his hands on his small, dirtied white apron. He grabs a glass and starts pouring the beer. LUCAS, Jethro's grandson, sits on a chair behind the bar doing his homework, his books sitting precariously on his lap. Lucas is ten years old and has tan skin and short dark hair. He is absent-mindedly chewing his lip as he concentrates on his work.

Leah holds the beer in her hand as Jethro gets her change. As Jethro hands her the change, she notices Lucas and nods her head towards him.


A bit young to be behind the bar don't you reckon? Or are they starting 'em young now?

Lucas looks up from his homework and good-naturedly rolls his eyes before looking back down.


(with spite)

That's my grandson and he's here because he's too young to stay at home by himself.

Leah smiles uncomfortably and silently walks away from the bar. Jethro turns to Lucas and tenderly strokes his head.


Hey, how's your work going?


(with a tired smile on his face)

Yeah, alright, grandpa.


Don't worry, it's nearly time to leave.



Jethro turns back to the bar and continue to serve people.

Jethro (V.O.)

I really hated bringing him here, but since his mother...my daughter died, he had nowhere else to go. I hated watching him sit there behind the bar working hard at his school work, but I needed the money to support us.

Lucas closes his schoolbooks and pulls out a small, blown, speckled egg from his shirt pocket. Lovingly caressing the egg in his small smooth hands, Lucas rests it against his cheek and rocks backwards and forwards on the unsteady wooden chair.

Jethro (V.O.)

His mother gave him an egg just before she died. She told him it symbolised life and how fragile and precious it was. It was the last thing she gave to him. Lucas loved it, he carried it every where he went. I think he hoped, though it was empty, that it would hatch one day and his mother would come back. She didn't of course...


JETHRO and LUCAS exit the pub. The music from inside the pub can be heard. Lucas is wearing a green backpack. They step over BOB, who is sprawled unconscious on the ground. Lucas reaches out and takes Jethro's hand in his and they walk down the dark street together.


LUCAS is sitting at a small, unvarnished wooden table eating cereal. The room is yellow from the early morning sun, which is coming in through the louvres. His speckled egg is sitting next to his plate. As JETHRO walks into the room, Lucas jumps up and turns off the rusty, white oven. He stands on his tiptoes as he scoops the bacon out of the frying pan, which sizzles loudly, and onto a chipped china plate. He gives the plate to Jethro.


I thought you might want some bacon grandpa.


This is the last of the bacon, you have some.



Nah, you can have it grandpa. You do need all the help your aging bones can get.


(jokingly insulted)

Are you calling me old?


Never grandpa. Hurry up, we have to get to school

Lucas teasingly rolls his eyes and carefully picks up his egg and places it in his pocket before leaving the room.


As they exit the apartment, LUCAS runs ahead of JETHRO, laughing at him. Jethro fakes a heart attack as he walks down the stairs of the building. Rolling his eyes and laughing, Lucas links arms with Jethro and they walk down the street, which is surrounded by dingy apartments.


To get enough money to support us, I also worked as a cleaner at Lucas' school. He loved walking to school with me. While most other kids would've been embarrassed walking to school with their grandpa, Lucas loved it. I loved it.


LUCAS sits behind the bar doing homework. The sound of voices and rock music reverberates through the pub. Rubbing his eyes tiredly, Lucas closes his books. He picks up an empty glass that is next to his chair. Continuing to rub his eyes, Lucas walks up to the bar. JETHRO, who is facing the other way, suddenly turns and bumps into Lucas. The tray of full beer cups that Jethro's holding flies out of his hands and onto the ground. The cups shatter loudly and glass flies everywhere. Beer covers the floor in a large puddle.

Jethro sighs tiredly and rubs his temples before pulling at his hair in frustration as he watches the liquid cover the floor behind the bar.



Dammit Lucas! Can't you look where you're going.


Sorry grandpa. I, I didn't mean to...I was just getting a drink.


(tiredly and angrily)

Are you blind or something? Now I have to clean all this shit up just because you were too damn preoccupied to look where you were going. Were you looking at that stupid egg of yours again? Were you? Well your mother isn't coming back. She's not coming back!

Lucas gasps and stares in horror at Jethro, tears rolling down his flushed cheeks. Turning sharply, he runs to his chair and grabs his books before running out of the pub.


Dammit, Lucas, get back here. I didn't mean it. Come on, you know I didn't mean it...Lucas!

Jethro stands limply at the bar, staring longingly at Lucas's disappearing back. He has regret plastered on his face and looks like a broken man.


I didn't mean it. I would have never intentionally hurt him. I was just so tired, but then again, I was always so tied.


Soft, mellow string music floats into the scene. JETHRO turns on the light, which flickers temperamentally, and scuffs over to the kitchen table. He sighs and sits heavily down. He notices a small, folded piece of paper sitting on the table with: "Grandpa" written on it. Unfolding it, Jethro sighs heavily as he reads the two words: "I'm sorry"


JETHRO stands in the doorway of Lucas's box-like room. The light from the outside room highlights LUCAS, who is asleep under a faded blue sheet. Lucas's speckled egg is clutched protectively in his right hand. Jethro goes to Lucas's bed and tenderly strokes his head.



No. I'm sorry Lucas.


LUCAS is sitting at the table eating scrambled eggs when JETHRO walks into the room stretching his back. He stops still when he sees Lucas.


Lucas, I'm sorry about last night.

Lucas looks down at his plate, pushing around the scrambled eggs with his fork. He holds his egg tightly in his free right hand.


Look at me.

Lucas hesitantly looks up at Jethro, his eyes full of sadness.


I didn't mean anything that I said last night Lucas. I wouldn't ever intentionally hurt you. Never. I love you Lucas. You're my grandson and I don't want to lose you because of something that I said in the spur of the moment. You mean everything to me.



So do you.




You mean everything to me Grandpa. I love you.

Jethro tousles Lucas's hair and Lucas jumps up and hugs Jethro, hiding his teary face in Jethro's chest.


Soft, flowing piano music floats into the scene. JETHRO and LUCAS stand on the edge of a cement canal. The canal is full of dirty water flowing freely down it. Long grass grows along the edge and sways in the gentle breeze. Jethro and Lucas are throwing bottle tops into the water.


I loved your mother very much. She looked just like you, you know. You have her face.


Mum always said that to me. I loved her too...I miss her. I miss her lots.

He is holding the speckled egg in his right hand. He holds the egg up to the sun. The sun shines through the empty egg and highlights Lucas's face.


This is all that I have left of her. This...a blown egg. That's it, an egg. I don't want an egg, I want her.


Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it, Lucas. Your egg has beauty. She wanted for you to realise that life is precious and fragile and can easily be shattered, but while it lasts it's perfect. It's beautiful.


Yeah, it is.

Lucas stares at the canal. He spies a bottle top that is shining brightly in the grass close to the canal. With his egg protectively held in one hand, he runs over to it. As Lucas reaches out to grab it, the earth around the top of the cement canal collapses and he loses his balance and slips over the edge of the canal. His egg flies out of his hand in slow motion and smashes on the side of the canal.


(in horror)



JETHRO is standing next to the grave, which has been filled, holding the rusted shovel shakily in his hands. Tears are running down his weathered face. PETE is standing next to the grave with a look of horror and sadness on his face.





Hey man, I'm real sorry. I didn't realise...but why are you burying him here?


I can't afford a funeral and here at least he'll be free.

Pete looks shocked at this and moves over to Jethro and awkwardly embraces him. As he holds Jethro, his eyes suddenly open in shock. He sees another freshly dug grave and a number of hessian sacks next to it.


What the?

He releases his hold of Jethro and urgently walks over to the grave. He kneels down and picks up a sack by his fingertips.


Hey man! What the hell...

Pete suddenly falls to the ground, hitting it with a soft thud. Blood trickles down the side of his pale face and onto the grass. He lies in deathly stillness.

Jethro stands above him, the shovel raised above his head. He drops the shovel before struggling to bend over to pick up a hessian sack. He emotionlessly and methodically drags the sack over Pete's body. After picking up the shovel, he slowly drags the body to a near-by tree and starts digging. He digs, only pausing to wipe the perspiration off his forehead.


What are you doing over there?

MICHAEL is standing on the path in the shadows. He is tall and thin with short brown hair. He is wearing a suit, holding a briefcase and his face is red and covered in perspiration like he has been walking fast. Jethro ignores Michael and continues to dig. Michael walks over to where Jethro is determinedly digging.


What are you burying?

Jethro looks up and hesitates for a moment.


I'm burying...my brother.