Once In Nantucket

He is dreaming of Natchez. His
Hair is dark and eyes dark from
Stargazing river-seeing.

Opens doors

(In Nantucket it is raining)

Two egrets are watching he thinks
They wait. Every day or night or
Whatever-it-has-become Now,
They are they wait. He has stopped
Feeding them as crying or wine. It
Is all the
Same. Anyway (Once in Nantucket)

Every night
Is night and
Nothing else attends to the sorrow
Of human attendance,
Everything witnessed is
But one less door to open. He sees
The lights sinking in
The mud of the Mississippi and
(Once in Nantucket)
The Whalers became Riverboat
Captains because the sea-door wished
To stay Open.

In Natchez St. Louis New Orleans
He wonders,
Egg-white, time beyond
Downward the Universe(River) and a
Shipment from the Richmond Company

He reminds himself
To breathe and dreams of Natchez where he is
No-where now,
Or he realizes has he ever been? It
Matters here because
That defines where here is not and here
Is not. He thinks
That the stars may be crying tonight, herons
Grabbing for snakes in the tangle
Of bulrush…he was young once and that
He is young still slams more doors on
Tragedy and midnight. He has the liquor
And the darkness on every sides the crates of whale-oil
Up from Boston, and the river
Has ceased to sing or speak but mock.
He is No-Where, and has been.
He dreams of Natchez
(It is raining in Nantucket)

Once in Nantucket.