The two brothers met at dawn, this was it the moment they had been waiting for. Soon only one would remain...

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" Why do we have to end it this way? Does the sheerness of killing others bring you so much pleaser that you would kill me to keep this little game of life and death?"

" Now why would you, out of all people think that? We were a team remember, you killed innocent people to, just for the fun of it." Smirked Unaku " You can't have possibly forgotten that, have you?"

" No I remember,..." said his brother " But it was wrong to kill" he said lowering his head and starting to cry " Why are you so blind my brother? Can you not see the pain we've inflicted on these people? We should kill ourselves for all the wrongdoing we have done not them. Don't you see?" cried Amatol. Seeing his brother cry he wanted to comfort him Unaku started to walk towards him and stopped.

" What am I doing?" he thought "I'm here not to comfort I'm here to kill him, even tough I don't want to, I have to he will be a threat to the organization if I let him go and that would cost us a lot." With that in mind Unaku was ready to kill his own brother, the brother that went from dark to light.