Author's notes: I decided to do some of my charters confessions they tell just a little bit about their early lives and if you like it I will continue. This is Shorons story or just a little piece of it what happened to his parents before he got sucked into a different time dimension and meet up. Well hope you enjoy

Declaimer: I own no sue.

Did you ever stop and think how good your life may be? It's prefect well as prefect can be, it could be better you and I both know it can. My early life was nothing but prefect, one day you're all happy in the back of your mom and dad's car and then BOOM! Some drunken moron plows into the side of your car with his big ass truck, killing both of your parents, and you wonder why they aren't moving because your too young to understand the meaning of life and death. Then utter chaos breaks out, people are running to you then to the lifeless bodies of your parents, and back to you again like they're trained monkey's for a show. Then you feel a strong hand on your shoulder and pull you into a car. After a while of driving they will stop and take you to some building in the middle of town and pull you in there. Then they will ask you about a billion questions and then you'll say

"Who are you people? Where am I? And where's mommy and daddy?" then they' ll look at you like you where from another planet and say.. " We are the JCCS (Japanese Child Care Services) and your parents are dead."

Author: **yawns** too tried can't go on I'll complete it later.