When you're dragging your bleeding

Knuckles against a bloodstained wall

Without recognizing you're doing it at all

Let out your pain

In an everlasting scream

"I'm really going!"

You can't stop it

I'm going to jump

I'm going to jump over this cliff edge

So don't try and stop me

It's your fault I'm here

When I fall

I dare you to try

To catch me?

Pain and Pleasure are so close

And I believe suicide is not a cry for help

Instead I do think

It's a release

Of a feeling that you

Have locked within

Deep insideā€¦

"I'm going to do it"

I don't care now

If you change your mind

You've sent me far enough

Suicide is really

A way out

And you've sent me there

You can't take back your words

So I'm going now

I'm going over the edge

Don't try to catch me there


"I am going to."

Suicide is a way out

Not a cry for help

I'm going to jump now

I'm running closer

Break the barrier

Adolescence holds on you

Embrace your destiny

Like a shooting star

I always wanted to fly

I'm going over the edge

Going over the end

Into the labyrinth

You can't stop me

You sent me here

It's your fault I'm going over the edge

Going over the End

Going over the End