A chord upon a single key
You held the power
To make it last an eternity
You felt your spirit delve into these
And let it flow unto the breeze
Unguarded, your fire at its brightest
What would it have been like...if I could have loved you?

I to you could not be known
Yet I still hear your heart as clear as rain
Pondering past the scattered fray
Years and years back to your day
And wondering still, what it would've been like
If I could have loved you

You voice encased with bitter grace
And you still live beyond the race
Surviving beyond that chained halting place
Through those intense orbs and ruffled mats
Came to life the most hidden drafts
Yet as to all, through times gate you lost your stride
And I wonder in sheets of rain
If I could have loved you

How wild and lachrymose elements rested within your eyes
Within your beautious melodies, never faulting to a compromise
And to the depths your pained heart sung
Through simple chords where a worlds affections undone
And through it all did you ever smile?
Felt that just a bit was worth the while?
Or was the guilded cage much too heavy a stage?
And I wonder still, through bleak and darkest blue
What it would've been like, if I could have loved you