Saints Among The North Carolinian Baptists

All the Saints
Hide among the

(When nothing is left)It
is best to duck
between There and
Back. The Saints and
This alien country:
Only flags
And billboards…this brotherhood
Of miles taken
Space given:
Only waiting for evening.

The cattle
Grazing on

Little fadedwhite houses.
Raleigh is miles and Fayetteville,
All the Cities
Not named for Saints, not out

A Baptist Church here and there,
Between the pastures. It is
Early summer
And the land is
To its own, only
Itself. Himself.
No marble
No states and the heroes
Are buried deep
Below the June-shaded

If those Saints
Have come to save
Somebody then they must remain
In their doorways. It is
Saturday, all the Old Folk
Are still
Dressed for Church