The Night And Day Of Self And Imaginings

Say the stars were
Only to us. Their light was a
Mere compensation. Say that
Only from among space
Was sun and the
Clouds were but conversation
If then, the birds
Were around to compose and the statues
Built to keep records among
Marble and Time. Say then
Under the
Equatorial horizon, meridians
And grids coordinates for
It is merely ours. If then: say the
Continents lined up in
Off-shadowed the
Desert looms in the urgency of
Pleasure and the interest in

Everyone pretends up the
Caribbean noon dreams down
The nights like heated stars
Which are for us and silent stone
Smoke and
Water are all that is air.

The guests breathe in one
Another, accents, and
Rain. Glass tables refracting
Broken sun
Or stars, as they were meant to

Say then, that the
Tragedy was built upon and the
Night was merely reflection. Say that
Moon upon moon was
Sun and that we were
Meant to live one dream or death or
Hope at a time. Say the stars