On Speling
Perhaps this should be called On Hypocracy.

Oh how I loth those riters out their
Hoo giv ther speling such little care
It maks a storee sow hard to reed
And riyales up mi nervs inded!

Oh don't yu ce that wen a Fic
has baD Grammer it makees mee sik!
Yu Almost haf to stran yor eyes
If I got dizzy I wont be surpriz?

And oh thase puncooatiun
sines are nevr placed
rit and iTs so Anoying
I wana byt

Oh If onLe moor Things wer
Spellled gud
And don't you haTte it when poims jus sudinlyy stOP RymING?

A/N: This poem was kind of inspired by Focus's poem about flamers. It's
not meant to insult anyone but just to make a point. Hopefully you got it. If
not, read the summary again.