AN: Short and sweet and down to the point. Just a little free verse poem about a guy I really liked, but couldn't stand at the same time. But ain't it true? Hasn't that all happened to us at least once in our lives?

"A Love/Hate Situation?"

You disgust me.

You're so immature at times.

Can't you just grow up

Because I'm going insane!

I have to wonder,

What the hell do I see in you?

You act like a moron,

And you're an insensitive bastard.

You don't have a clue.

What else is new?

Yet you've got a certain flair

That keeps me staying around.

I admit, I like you, but

Anymore would be pushing it.

You've got the charm of a slug

And the manners of a hog.

Spare me your idiocy,

It's too much for me to handle.

But I find it rather amusing when

You get in some sort of trouble.

I'm into you, I despise you.

You're funny, but I can't stand you.

Life's so damn strange,

To put me in a love-hate situation!

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