Star Charts And Chocolate Cake

It is the same time in Chile
How the youth reflects old age in
Levels of need. It was all
Dark-chocolate and frigid air
And blue-eyed

"Here! Please take it,
we have been
Searching for you;
All over!"

I told the Two Others to try in Chile. That
It was the
Same time but all the tiny
Birds and lights and distractions
Of beauty appeared. We stayed.
Here it is supposed to
Be perhaps in Southern
Skies and Stars and dark and all that moves underneath
The stirring of
Thought, he

was checking
His mail in the
Wooden slots
Stained thru' time
Or age. We were in New Jersey. In Chile
A man would watch
The night behind
Glass and glass and chart
Out for Someone following

with large
Blue eyes.