Starlings In Heat And The Feeling Of Naming

The starlings are
Like the rest of the dust
Music and commonplace heat
It is
Traffic even in the shade I
Would tell Joseph or Matthew
That his first
Name is David but it would
Just be fluid desert,

Just is
The slogan.

Just slants
Of omnipresent light
Fall protectively over the

(Your name is David your name) the (is) starling (David) is
remembering back to when
it was an immigrant (your name) when
its forbearers (is David) were. Are then.
Are you

Across the haunts of crows
And ravens shadowed grackles the
Starlings are
Wreathing him(David) with
Clover my hands
Clench in need the green peering
Thru' rounded white. Or yellow
Eye-level with
A mockingbird at that
Time. I may know
And he
Will and the starlings reflect
Half-blue in oil-drop
Eyes, craning
Their wings for

Under the
Shadow of