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A neverending dream

Selena's story

~Part One~

Tears of Moonlight


Hello, my name's Selena. Well, you must have just found this little book under one of the lose planks of the wooden floor of this abandoned old house in New York City, because I don't know any other way how you could have obtained this book. Well, I am glad you found it. I never got the chance of really talking with someone about my life. So I wrote this book, and hid it in what had been my home until I left New York. I really hope that someone, someday, will find it and read it. And, well, since you're reading this, it apparently has been found. Now I am finally able to share my story with others.

So, I am Selena, but please forget that name. I haven't used my real name for years. At this moment I'm Nina. Last week I was Susan. Who knows who I'll be tomorrow?

Okay, this may sound kinda confusing right now. Let me tell you how everything started. How I ended up in this horrible mess that I am in now. I don't know exactly how everything happened. But I'll try to explain. I'll talk with him. Maybe he's willing to fill up a few of the gaps in my story.

I never bothered anyone. I was very silent, very shy. I kept my thoughts to myself, afraid that anyone would find them, and me, strange. My motto kind of was: If you don't bother others, others won't bother you. I tried to fit in the best I could in school. I tried my best to not draw any attention to me. I dressed like everyone else, tried to act like everyone else. However I never fitted in. I was always the other girl that was around. That never really changed I guess. Even now, I try to not draw any attention to myself.

At high school someone did notice me. I didn't know that then. But there was a figure, up on the rooftops, or just hiding in the shadows that was following almost every move I made. He was fascinated by me. I don't know his exact reasons. I'll ask him sometime.

Anyway, the first time I actually saw him, he just walked past me. Back then, I never looked people in the face. I was very shy and afraid people would walk up to me and say thing like: "Hey, who're you looking at?" Anyway, despite that, my eyes were almost drawn to him as he walked past. Don't ask me why, but the moment I saw him, I knew there was something horribly wrong with him. He was wearing a knee-length black trenchcoat, black pants and a tight white shirt. He was also extremely pale. I looked up at his face, and saw that he was clearly staring at me. Our eyes locked for a few seconds, and it was as if time froze. He gave me a sly smile with his thin lips, as if he knew much more than I did. I began to walk faster, until he passed me. I didn't look behind me, but I could almost feel his stare burning on my back.

After that, I didn't see him for almost half a year. I forgot about the strange man that had that mysterious aura around him. I went to school and graduated with extremely high marks. After summer I would go to one of the best's universities. Yeah, I had my life pretty well sorted out, or so I thought, back then.

 My 18th birthday was during the summer holiday. I didn't hold a graduation party, or a birthday party. Even if I had, not many people would have come. People rarely hate or dislike me, but they never become friends with me. I tend to hold some distance. However, on my birthday the doorbell rang. I went to open it. On the front porch was a package, wrapped in silver and tied with a dark blue ribbon. I opened it. Inside there was a single white rose with a card attached to it. The card read:

Happy birthday.

We'll soon meet again.

A friend.

I wondered who could have sent me the card. I would find out a week later. I was walking in a dark and narrow alley that provided a shortcut from my house to the nearest store. I was going to buy some milk. I could see someone walking through the alley, and I made myself as small as possible, so he could pass. Suddenly, I recognised the man that was about to pass me. I hadn't taken a closer look at him, but I knew that strange presence, that mysterious aura that filled the air around him. I looked at him, and again he was staring at me. Once again, I stared back in his grey eyes. Suddenly, I was scared. He smiled and stopped walking. I was still pressed against the wall, giving him the space he needed to pass me. Why doesn't he pass? I thought, now even more scared.

"After you, milady."

I heard his dark voice speaking to me in an amused way (was he joking around with me?) as he gave me the space to walk past him.

"Th…thank you."

I replied with an uneven voice and walked past him. I continued to walk through the alley, and suddenly heard his calm voice behind me, saying:

"The rose must have died by now. It's a pity, but all beautiful things die eventually."

I froze before spinning around, but when the alley behind me was completely deserted. I shivered, although it wasn't that cold, and continued on my way towards the store. So, he had been the one who had sent me that rose. He had been right. I had thrown the dead rose away this morning. But what had he meant by the other things he had said to me? And why had he sent me that rose? What did he want from me?

Two weeks later, I was still enjoying my vacation. The strange man was once again banished from my thoughts. At the moment I was lying on a beach in Southern France, peacefully baking in the sun. My parents had given me a present because I graduated. They gave me a ticket to France and a traincard that would allow me to use the train whenever I needed to during the three weeks I would spend in France. I was also given plenty of money to pay for food and camping spots, and a sturdy tent. After almost hugging my parents to death I had set out to France where I had spend two beautiful sunny days now, and was enjoying every second of it. I was sitting on a large towel and was rubbing sun-oil on my pale skin. I wouldn't tan. I knew that out of experience. I'd burn, start to peel, and come out as white as I had been before baking in the sun. I sighed. Nope, no tanning for me, but I enjoyed the beach anyway. I was indulging my love for reading, accompanied by the pleasant sound of a calm sea. The sun was like a blanket covering me. I fell asleep.

I woke up when I felt an ice-cold hand on my back. I looked over my shoulder into those grey eyes stared at me almost hungrily. It was that same guy who I had met in New York! What was he doing here?

"What the…"

I tried to say, but my surprised question was interrupted when his hand cupped my mouth. He grinned slyly. I noticed that it was night already. I had slept the entire day! I shook my head and struggled a bit under his grasp. This freaky guy was following me! It couldn't be a coincidence that he, a New Yorker, was on vacation in France on exactly the same beach. What does he want from me? I tried to bite the hand that he still held over my mouth to keep me from screaming. He grinned at my attempt, and said:

"I knew you would be happy to see me."

I was furious. How dared he to treat me like that?! I struggled with my arm and feet, and grasped his hand with both of my hands, trying to free my mouth. He was way stronger than me though, and his hand didn't move an inch. He chuckled.

"You might as well stop trying that. It's useless."

I knew he was right, but I am way too stubborn to give up like that. My pathetic attempts to free my mouth only resulted in his laughter. He had a confident, yet almost childish laugh. I stopped struggling, because I knew I couldn't escape his grasp. He only needed one hand, to cup my mouth and to keep my face pressed against my towel. I was no match for him, my struggling just amused him! How I hated him then. But to continue struggling was useless, I knew. So I sighed, and stopped struggling.

"That's better."

He said, as he let go of my mouth to help me up. That surprised me. Why do this? Why nearly choke me until I stopped struggling and then be a perfect gentleman and helping me up? What on earth did he want from me?

"I missed you."

"You what?! I don't even know you! How can you miss me?"

He chuckled, as if I had just told him a very funny joke.

"You *do* know me."

He stroked my cheek with the back of his hand while he said it. I shock my head angry, backing away from his touch.

"Leave me alone!"

There was that amused chuckle again. He lowered his hand and made an over- polite deep bow before me.

"As you wish, milady"

His bowed head looked up and grinned broadly, as I stared at him in surprise. Our eyes locked once again, his hungry eyes consumed me. Frightened, I looked away from him. When I looked back, he was gone.

I went back to my campsite and went to sleep in my tent. The next morning, I wondered if I had dreamed the whole scene. I soon figured out that I hadn't been dreaming, when I found a white rose lying in front of my tent. A small card was attached to it.

The day this rose loses its last petal and dies, is the day we meet again, milady.

I was shocked. I looked at the rose. It lost one of its petals. I threw the rose away angrily, and went to the swimming pool that was near the campsite. I went into one of the changing rooms to change into my black swimsuit. I opened a locker and put my clothes in it. Then I locked it, and tied the key around my wrist. I dove into the fresh water of the pool. After two hours I went back to change back into my normal clothes. As I opened the locker and examined it, my eyes grew wider. On top of my clothes lay the white rose. Two petals had fallen off and lay next to the rose. I looked around, but there was no trace of him. I took out my clothes, and smashed the locker closed. The rose, I left.

I returned to my tent for lunch. Inside, the rose was resting on my pillow… I felt the urge to scream, but didn't. If he was listing, I didn't want to give him the pleasure to know that his attempts to get me irritated were working. I squashed the rose under the heel of my shoe.

I decided that it would be best for me to leave this beach as soon as possible. Maybe he was following me, but I wouldn't make it easy for him. I packed my belongings, and went to the nearest train-station. There I'd take the first train that left the station. With a sigh I sat down. On a notice-board I saw that this train would be heading towards West-France. I relaxed a bit and took out my book. The train began to ride.

Someone sat down next to me. I didn't need to look to know it was him. His presence was overwhelming. He pulled out the small table hidden in every seat, and put the mangled rose atop it.

"Couldn't even wait for the rose to die. Not that I mind. I couldn't wait to see you either."

I knew he was joking. He was making fun at my attempt to flee. I didn't care. I just stared out of the window and tried to ignore him.

"Why are you ignoring me, milady? Did I say something wrong?"

"I told you to leave me alone!"

I snapped at him, no longer able to control my anger.

"That you did. But I do whatever I like. And I like to see you, milady."

"And stop calling me milady!"

"I would, if I knew your name, but we haven't been properly introduced to each other."

"I bet you do know my name. You have been following me for a while, haven't you?"

"Oh, I know your name, but I like to things the old-fashioned way. In other words: Good afternoon milady. Please, let me introduce myself. My name's Enrique."

Ignoring my last question, Enrique gave me a polite smile, and took my hand into his. He lifted my hand up, and brought it to his mouth. He pressed a soft kiss on my hand. His lips felt like little icecubes on my warm hand. I couldn't suppress a wan smile. The scene was utterly amusing. What the hell, I thought, and decided to play along.

"So glad to meet you, milord. My name's Selena."

He let go of my hand, and looked deep into my eyes.

"Selena? My apologies, milady, but that name doesn't suit at all. You should have a name that could express your beauty, your complex mind, the softness of your hand. I can think of no name that would do them justice."

Suddenly he had that bad-boy grin on his face, and all of his polite gentleman-act disappeared in a second.

"I think I'll call you pet."

"What?! Don't call me that!"

"What should I call you then? Baby?"

"You should call me Selena."

"Naw. Sorry pet."

I frowned, and crossed my arms.

"I think I liked you better when you were so polite."

"I bet you did. But hey, I have two faces. You should learn to appreciate them both, because you'll be seeing me a lot this vacation."


"I knew you would be happy about that."

Enrique said, grinning. I decided to ignore him for the rest of the journey. Maybe I would be able to make him lose track of me, I thought. I kept looking out of the window for the entire journey. In the blurry reflection that the window showed me, I saw how Enrique's hungry eyes consumed every inch of my body. I wanted to say something about it, but didn't. Maybe if I kept ignoring him, he would give up with whatever he was doing. I examined his reflection. He wore the same clothes he'd worn every time we met. Geez, I thought, doesn't he have any other clothes than those? Suddenly Enrique looked into the window as well, and saw in its reflection that I was looking at him. He gave me a wink, and grinned. I blushed, and quickly shifted my gaze to the seat in front of me. The train stopped, and we both got off. At the station, I got an idea. I headed towards the nearest toilets and went inside. Enrique followed me as far as the door. Inside the toilets, it took me just a moment to find a small window looking out over the rear of the building. I climbed out of the window, thinking it a perfect way to make him lose track of me. As I jumped down from the sill, I felt someone watching me. Enrique was leaning against the wall of the toilet, and had been watching interestingly how I had climbed through the window, and had jumped down on the ground. He grinned as I noticed him and waved at me.

"You didn't think you could ditch me that easily, now did you pet?"

I sighed, and walked away, ignoring his comment. If I ignore him, then he'll eventually leave me alone, I thought. When I walked past him, he grasped my shoulder so tightly that it hurt, and hissed:

"You can't ignore me forever pet!"

"I can, and I will!"

He scared me. I had never seen him this angry. However, after my comment he relaxed a bit, and let go of my shoulder. He smiled, and said:

"We'll see."

He turned around and walked away. I was relieved. Maybe he had finally given up on whatever he tried to accomplish. I found out soon enough that I had been wrong once again.

I set up my small tent on a nearby campsite and checked out the lobby for whatever there was to do in this area of the country. I wasn't going to let that Enrique ruin my vacation! I saw that there was a great near this small camping site, and decided that that would be my destination for tomorrow. Maybe shopping would relax my a bit.

The next morning, I went to the mall on foot. The sky was packed with dark clouds, and I was afraid that it would start to rain pretty soon. Yesterday had been exactly the same. I hoped the other days would be as sunny as my first two days that I spend lying on the beach in the South of France. I walked through a cornfield, because according to the map I bought, it was a short-cut to the mall. Suddenly I heard a faint noise behind me. I turned around and saw, unsurprisingly, Enrique following closely in my wake. I was surprised, however, that I hadn't noticed him before. I placed my hands on my hips, and said to him:

"You again?"

He chuckled and said:

"It's hard to ignore me, isn't it?"

I ignored that remark, and he chuckled again. I continued on my way, and he continued to follow me. When I went shopping, he came with me. I tried to ditch him several times, but each time he would show up either right behind, or I front of me, grinning broadly as if my pathetic attempts to escape where merely amusing him. Enrique stayed out of the shops (thankfully). He waited outside for me to return. But when I wanted to go back to the campsite, he was gone, which made me quite happy. When I left the mall it was pouring down. I frowned. Nothing went right this summer. Everything was against me. Did I finally ditch Enrique, was it raining so hard that I would be soaked before I would reach the campsite. I heard the loud honking of a horn near me. I looked up, and saw to my horror that Enrique was riding towards me on a black motorcycle which was decorated with silver lighting-blasts stickers. He waved, and gestured to me to hop on the bike. I shook my head. He gestured again.

"Come-on pet. Which do you prefer? A short ride to the campsite or a long, wet, walk?"

"I think I prefer to walk, if the ride means that I'll have to look at your back for a short time."

"Fine! Do whatever you like."

He said angrily, and drove off at a high speed. It seemed as if the rain wouldn't stop for a while, so I started to run towards the campsite. I was soaked when I reached the cornfield. I pushed the wet corn out of my way, as I slowly progressed through the field. I shivered from the cold. I wore only a white shirt and jeans. The jeans and shirt were soaked, and felt freezing cold on my skin. I shivered again and sneezed. Great, I was about to catch a cold on my vacation! Angry, I pushed another corn-plant out of my way. Suddenly I heard behind me the sound of wet corn-plants being squashed. The sound is hard to describe, but it isn't a very pretty one. I turned around, and saw Enrique riding his bike towards me. His bike was the source of the disgusting noise, as it squashed each corn-plant in its way. He stopped besides me, and grinned as he took a look at my soaked clothes.

"Happy now, pet? Look at you. You'll catch a cold if you stay in the rain like this. My offer still stands you know."

He chuckled when he saw my angry stare. How I hated that bastard. How could he do this to me? However, I didn't want to walk all the way back to the campsite either. I wasn't even halfway, and I still had a twenty-minute walk ahead of me. I grumbled, and said:

"Fine then. It's not as if I have much of a choice."

"Actually, you do have a choice. But I would find it very stupid if you would rather walk for another twenty minutes, than to watch my back for five."

I didn't say another word, and climbed behind him, on his bike.

"Hold on pet! We're going to hit the road."

He speeded away on his bike, and I barely held on to it as the corn splashed against my legs. When I realised I began to lose my grip on the slippery bike, I wrapped my arms around him, feeling the wetness of his black leather coat as I did so. He accelerated even more, and I had to tighten my grip to keep me from falling of. What had I gotten myself into this time? What had I done? I was riding along with some madman. I had to get off. I screamed:

"Stop! Please stop! I changed my mind! I'll walk!"

"Sorry pet, can't hear you!"

He screamed back. With a bump the motorcycle hit the road, leaving behind bits of corn from the field. The bump made me lose my grip, and I would have fallen off for curtain if he hadn't taken one hand off the handlebars to grasp my waist. His grasp was so tight it made me grasp for breath. He let go of my waist again to steer with both hands. Okay, I hated him, but he hadn't let me fall, and I was grateful to be alive. I thought it was only appropriate to thank him, so I mumbled softly:

"Thanks Enrique."

"Hey, no problem pet. I rather see you alive for a while."

I was surprised that he did hear my soft, whispered, 'thank you', but hadn't heard my scream for him to stop.

"You did hear me before, didn't you?!"

I said, suddenly angered. He chuckled and said:

"Sorry pet, could you speak up a bit?"


I screamed in his ear. He only shook his head and grinned, amused.

"No, you don't."

Suddenly I heard sirens behind us. I looked over my shoulder, and saw a few police cars coming up behind us.

"Enrique, I think you violated the speed-limit."

"Yeah, it's either that, or they figured out I stole this bike."

My eyes grew wider; I got even angrier at him, and yelled:

"Stop right now! This is not my problem so leave me out of this!"

"Sorry pet. Can't do that. If I stop now, they would catch me, and start to ask really troublesome questions. Besides, it is your problem. You know me, that's enough for the French cops to arrest you for a few days, until you tell them where I am."

"I would tell them I don't know were you are! Now stop!"

"Like they would believe you."

He replied as he began to ride even faster. I was frightened. I clenched my arms around his middle.

"Don't worry pet, I won't let you fall."

The words didn't sound very comforting right now. I was followed by police cars, and some lunatic tried to outrun them. And the worst part off all of this was that I was sitting behind that lunatic. I wanted to get of, but I knew he was right. They would start to ask questions, probably in French… Sure, my French was good enough to ask for bread, milk and vegetables in a shop, but explaining all of this was beyond me. So I just kept holding on, as Enrique turned around sharply. Now he was heading directly towards the police cars.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!!?"

"Easy pet. Just watch and learn."

I closed my eyes, and buried my face into his trenchcoat. I heard how a car crashed into something. I carefully took my face out of the coat and looked behind. I saw that one off the police cars had crashed into a tree. It had probably been trying to avoid Enrique's – well, maybe not officially, but for the moment it was his, - bike. The other car was now turning around. I couldn't help myself, and grinned.

"By the time that idiot has turned his car; he'll never be able to catch up with us."

"Right you are pet."

It stopped raining. He slowed down his bike, and parked it behind some bushes along the road. He gestured me to be still. A few seconds after that, a police-car came speeding along the road, riding right past us. I giggled softly, and he chuckled as well.

"See? No need to worry if you're with me pet."

"Well, there was no reason for me to worry before I stepped on your bike."

He smiled and stroked my long wet hair, that was sticking to my pale skin, out of my face. I shivered from the cold. He took off his trenchcoat and laid it over my shivering shoulders. With his trenchcoat removed, I clearly saw his white shirt, tight over his muscled torso. He had a nicely formed six-pack, and his long black hair was flowi….. No stop! I shook my head. Stop thinking those stupid thoughts! I told myself.

This guy has been stalking you for two days!

But he has been acting really nice. A true gentleman… Okay, well, *sometimes* he can be a true gentleman.

"Th…thank you."

"Hey, I can't let you catch a cold, now can I?"

"I wondered if you…well…could you please give me a ride to my campsite? I'm getting hungry."

The second I said it, I hated myself for saying it. His answer was just like I expected it to be.

"Know what? You deserve a break after what I put you through. How about a nice restaurant? My treat."

I suppose I could have said no.

"Err, well, I…"

"Okay, hop on. I think I saw some restaurant near the mall."

I hopped on, and he drove off once again. A few minutes later, we arrived at a fancy restaurant. We were both soaked from the rain, but neither of us cared, so we entered the restaurant. People in evening gowns and tuxedos stared at us. I still wore Enrique's trenchcoat over my shoulders, my soaked white shirt and blue jeans. He still wore his black pants and white skirt. One of the butlers walked to us and asked us in French:

** "Excuse me, but do you have a reservation?"**

**"Why, off course we have."**

Enrique said with an aristocratic voice. His French was perfect. He handed the butler some francs. From what I saw, it must have been the equivalent of thirty dollars. The butler nodded polite and said:

**"I see. Would sir please follow me to his table, or would sir prefer to change his clothes before that?"**

**"Sir would like to change his clothes at the mall, while sir waits for his order."**

**"But of course. And what would sir like to eat?"**

**"I'll take the steak, bleu rare. I would also like some of your very best wine, and some caviar."**

Enrique looked at me and gave me a sly smile.

"And what would you like, my dear?"

"I'll…I'll take the lobster."

I said while looking at the card that the butler was holding up.

**"And mademoiselle will take the lobster."**

Enrique translated for me into French. The butler nodded, and yelled something at one off the waiters.

**"Your meal will be ready in half an hour sir, mademoiselle."**

The butler said, giving us both a polite nod before he walked away. Enrique gestured me to follow him. We walked outside, got on 'his' bike again and drove to the mall. There he bought himself a black tuxedo. I found a beautiful dress, so dark blue that it was almost black. It was so long it covered my shoes, but not my shoulders, which gave it a classy look. He paid for my dress, although I insisted that I pay for it myself. He pointed out that I hadn't enough money with me, which was true. I'd left my credit card it my tent, which was stupid because I'd gone shopping. The money I did bring with me had all been spend on a lunch in a far too expensive restaurant. So he got it his way, and paid the dress for me.

"Thank you for the dress and the dinner Enrique."

I said in a faint whisper. The black tux looked very nice on him. Enrique smiled at me.

"The, the dress, it looks wonderful on you. It was just begging you to wear it."

He said in a nervous voice.

"Now, if we could find a decent comb, then we could do something about our hair."

He grinned and stroked some of the wet bangs of my hair.

"Why? I like the way your hair looks now, pet."

 "Maybe you do, but I don't. And I bet the people in the restaurant will agree with me."

So, we went to buy a comb, and fixed our hair. Then we returned to the restaurant. I had the feeling the people barely recognized us as we entered it for the second time. The same butler walked towards us.


**"That would be me."**

Enrique said grinning at the confused butler.

**"I believe your dinner is almost ready. If sir would be so kind as to follow me."**

We both followed the butler to a nice table. Enrique held my chair for me to sit down. A true gentleman, I thought again, as I sat down. The dinner was served by two waiters. I noticed that I was very hungry indeed, and began eating my lobster. After some time, I noticed that he hadn't even touched his food, but was just watching me, with a sparkle of amusement in his eyes.

"What's so funny?"

"It, it's noting pet."

I sighed and kept eating. I also tried some wine, although I didn't like it very much. I made a face as I tasted the sour liquid. Enrique laughed softly.

"You don't like it?"

"Sorry, but it tastes too sour."

"Just leave it here then. How did you enjoy the caviar?"

"It tasted wonderful, although it was a bit slimy."

I finished eating, and Enrique waved at the butler.

**"We would like to pay, please."**

As the butler left, Enrique gestured for me to follow him outside. I though he wanted to show me something, so I did. Outside, he sprang on the motorcycle:

"Come on pet, hop on."

"But we haven't paid yet!"


"You're crazy!"

"Come on, before they figure it out and come looking for us."

I couldn't help myself, and grinned. He grinned back, and his grin made my grin disappear completely. What could I do? I didn't have enough money with me to pay for the dinner myself. I sighed angrily and I climbed on. He drove away. When we were driving I accused him:

"You made me do something against the law."

He grinned.

"Yes, but you liked it, didn't you?"

"Liked what?"

"Escaping from the cops on my bike, not paying for the dinner, the excitement, knowing you out-smarted the system."

I knew he was right. This whole scene had amused me. I had liked the excitement and the knowledge that we'd been smarter than the rest. But I didn't want him to know that.

"Shut up. Just, just bring me back to my campsite."

He brought me back. I was still standing in my dark-blue evening dress as he stopped his bike. I got off quickly. He jumped off as well and moved in front of me, blocking my way to the tent. He put his hands on my shoulders, and his intense grey eyes met mine. He whispered:

"You look so darn beautiful in that dress."

His hands slid down my shoulders to my elbows. He pulled them towards him, so I had to take a step closer if I didn't want to fall straight into his arms. He pulled my elbows again, this time; I did fall straight into his hands. I looked up at him, as he looked down on me. He licked his lips and smiled. I got a grip of myself, and pushed him away from me. This came as quite a surprise for him, because he fell backwards. He gave me a tortured stare as he got up from the ground. He took my hands into his and said:

"Why do you keep pushing me away from you, milady? What have I done to you?"

He kissed both of my hands. I pulled my hands away.

"No, don't! Leave me alone Enrique. I mean it!"

Enrique looked at me. I saw the pain in his eyes, the hurt in his feelings. Then his expression changed. From hurt, it changed into angry, very angry.

"I don't know why I even bother to…."

He stopped, and growled. Then he continued:

Fine then! Have it your way! I'll go!"

He left on his motorcycle. I wouldn't see him for a whole week. During that time I travelled through-out whole France. At the end of that week, I had decided to stay in Paris for a week or so. I was staying in a small hotel near the city-centre. The first day I was there, I just hung around in the hotel, not really wanting to do anything. I heard a knock on the door of my hotel room. I opened the door but saw nobody. My eyes railed down to the ground. A white rose, with a card. Now why wasn't I surprised by this?

Hello pet.

Did you miss me?

I'll see you soon.


I crumbled the card, and threw it away. He missed me? Yeah right! He was just playing with me. There was something terribly wrong with him. He acted as if I didn't really matter, but at the same time he treated me very polite. I didn't like him, but for some odd reason he seemed to think I did. I had already come to the conclusion that I never wanted to see him again. He would probably think differentially about that, but, well, that was just going to be his problem, not mine. Little did I know that he would turn out to be a little more persistent then I thought he would be.

To be continued…


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