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A neverending dream

Selena's Story

~Part Twelve~

Tears of Moonlight


"Oh just shut up Enrique!"


Oh dear. How embarrassing. Why did I even think about him? Out of all people, why did I have to think that he had been the one speaking to me? Okay, Travis and Enrique had some similarities. They looked a bit like each other, and he certainly managed to piss me off the way Enrique had done so many times. Yet, I had no right to be pissed off. This guy had helped me, and he deserved to know the truth, yet I told him a lie, and now I was pissed at him because he didn't believe my lie. Yet if I had told him the truth, he would have though that I was mad or something.

"I, erm, sorry. You just sounded like someone I know, and I, sorry."

Travis, Travis, I'm sure I've heard that name somewhere else. But where?

"Someone you know eh? So who is he then, the guy that's on your mind as we argue? Your boyfriend?"

"No way he would ever be my boyfriend! I hate his guts!"

Travis grinned at my sudden outburst.

"Lucky me then."

I quickly looked away, feeling that I was blushing crimson. At this moment Travis seemed to notice something one the palm of my hand. He quickly seized my right-hand and looked at the scar Enrique had carved in it a while back. The scar of which he had claimed that it would mark me as his.


I exclaimed, pulled my hand back. Travis eyes grew wider, as he seemed to recognize the symbol. He let me hand go, and slumped down in his sofa.

"I can't believe it! Enrique….after all these years."

"You, you know him?"

My voice had a slightly trembling attached to it. I took a step away from Travis. Travis. Suddenly it struck me. Travis! I knew I had heard that name before!

"You're him aren't you? Travis. Enrique's friend."

"Oh? He still has the decency to remember me, eh? It surprises me that he mentioned me to you. So tell me, what did he tell you?"

Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn! I can't tell him the truth. Enrique made it pretty clear to me that his 'clan' doesn't like it when people know too much about their kind. I bet Travis won't appreciate it if I tell him that I know that he was the one persuading Enrique to kill his first victim. That I know that his mom and dad got killed by humans like me.

"Not much. He just mentioned your name once or twice."

"How much did he tell about himself."

"Very little."

Most of the stuff I know I had to read from his dairy. He never told me the truth about himself. That jerk.

"I see. Okay, now then Selena, I would sit down if I were you, because the story I'm about to tell you ain't a pretty one. You'll probably find it hard to believe me at first, but I swear it's the truth."

"What do you mean?"


I did as he asked me, and waited for whatever would come next. I didn't have to wait very long. He coughed once or twice and started his story, face deadly serious.

"Selena, first of all, Enrique and I aren't exactly humans."

I was honestly surprised. Not because of Travis and Enrique not being humans, I mean, I already knew that, but because Travis was actually telling me this. I mean, wasn't he supposed to be even more evil and revengeful then Enrique?

"Our kind has a longer lifespan then humans have. We can easily grow over a thousand years old. Thus Enrique and I have been friends for a very very long time. Now, I don't know what Enrique told you but never ever trust him. Like I said, you might not believe me at first but listen to me Selena,"

He cupped my cheek and made my face turn to his, so that I was looking directly into his eyes. When he was sure that he had gotten my full attention he continued:

"Enrique is a killer. He murdered girls, dozens of them. You really should watch your step around him. Stay away from him. I mean it. He's dangerous. Very dangerous."

How dared he?! He was the one who got Enrique to kill in the first place. He was the 'friend' that encouraged every kill! Besides he had killed for revenge as well! How dared he to talk about Enrique in such ways when he was a murderer himself!?

Hmm? Being a bit protective about him are we?

Oh shut up! It's just not fair. He clearly points out Enrique's mistakes but 'forgets' to talk about his own mistakes.

"Where as you are a complete innocent?"

I said with a high amount of sarcasm woven through my voice.

"I wish I could say I was. The sad truth is though that he would never have started to kill and murder if it weren't for me."

He really was trying to tell me the truth? Was he really only trying to help me? To warn me?

"I once even did the same things he does. I was a killer once myself. His father made me come to my senses though. It must have been, hmm, 150 years ago? Not that it matters, but since then I tried to find Enrique and tell him that I was wrong way back then. That I shouldn't have talked him into his revenge."

He paused, and looked at me as if he just noticed me.

"I'm sorry. This probably makes not much sense to you. I doubt you even believe me."

Hmmm, maybe he really did change. Maybe he really feels sorry for his deeds. I should give him a chance. I mean, it's been like 150 years ago since he lastly murdered anyone. Well, at least, that's what he wants me to believe. But a murderer wouldn't have helped a complete stranger that happened to faint before his very eyes. No, and a murderer certainly wouldn't admit to his crimes. Yeah, I'll give him a chance.

"Oh I think it makes all pretty much sense to me Travis. I know a bit more then I told you. Alucard 'convinced' me to read Enrique's dairy."

"Alucard's here in town?! I need to speak to him immediately! Maybe he can convince Enrique to-"

"Talking to him could be rather difficult…."

"What do you mean?"

I lowered my face, staring at the ground.

"Enrique killed him."

"……he killed him? His own father?"


"Are you sure?"

I shivered and hugged myself as I slowly continued:

"His corps was two inches away from me, and his eyes, his eyes….so lifeless. And Enrique, he, he just did like it didn't matter to him! He just fled when I tried to explain that his father only wanted to best for him. He, he…"

At this point I could take no more. Enrique had betrayed me. I still had a little trust in him. A little fait that he had changed. He had betrayed my fait, my trust. He had killed Alucard just as easily as he would have squashed an irritating bug. I could feel tears leaving the corners of my eyes. At this point Travis warped his arm around me and pulled me close, letting me cry into his shoulder. I stopped trying to push the tears away and now freely let them flow.

"How could he Travis, how could he? Why didn't he just tell me? Why did I have to find it out myself?"


"Why? Why does all this have to be so darn difficult?! Why me?! Why him?!"

I pummelled with my fists against his chest, feeling helpless and defeated. He captured my wrists, and slowly brought them down, looking at me with extreme pity and guilt.

"I'm sorry Selena. In the end, I'm the one to blame."

I stood up from the couch.

"You're not. It was his choice not to tell me."

"I was the one who showed him the road of revenge. I promise you this though…."

He stood up from the couch as well, placing his hand reassuring on my shoulder, before he continued.

"He won't kill you as well. I will break his chain of continuous revenge. That I promise you."

I pulled back underneath his hand.

"Don't. Don't promise me that. I don't want you to fight him unnecessary. Too many people have already died, and I don't think Enrique will try to kill me."

I don't even want to think of that possibility….

Yet there is the chance that-

NO! He promised me that he would never hurt me! He could have killed me dozens of times, yet he didn't. He protected me, defended me, tried to keep me safe.

Oh yeah, sure, you keep going on like that and keep giving him excuses until you believe he's as innocent as a newborn kitten.

I'm not saying that he is innocent! I know what he has done. I'm just saying that he isn't out to kill me.

"You don't believe he'll kill you? I don't blame you for thinking that. Enrique always had his way with his victims. They never suspected anything until they ended up with a blade between their ribs. I mean, you saw what happened to his own dad. His dad for crying out loud! I mean, can you imagine what he would do to a girl he barely knows? Sorry Selena, I don't mean to be harsh, but I want you to understand the danger."

"He told me he could never hurt me."

"And he told me that he would keep taking revenge for his mother until the day he died! Can't you see it Selena? He lies! He's a murderer!"

"You dare to call the monster you created out of your best friend a murderer?! Some friend you are!! You told him to take revenge, and you said it yourself that you weren't killing humans yourself not too long ago!"

"Not too long no. Only hundred damned years."

"You bloody well know what I mean! It isn't such a long time for your kind, now is it?!"

"Hey, hey, there's no need to get all worked up over it. Let's try to settle this calmly, okay? I'm sure that, if you start to use your common sense, you'll see that I'm right."

"I'm not getting worked up about this, and I'm perfectly calm!"

Travis rolled his eyes, and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Listen, I understand that you trusted him, that you loved him but-"

I pulled my shoulder away, and broke of the last part of his sentence.

"Excuse me?!!! I never loved that, that, that jerk!!"

"Well then, then I don't see what's troubling you so much. You hate him, you never loved him, you read his diary, you witnessed how he killed his own father, yet you don't believe that he's out to kill you? I'm sorry, but I really don't understand you humans and your strange twisted logic."

You're right. You really don't understand. You didn't see his genuine face when he told me he would never hurt me. I believe him. I can't help it, but I believe him on that part.

Great, keep this up and you'll be seeing flying pigs by tomorrow.

I'm not going crazy!

Who said you were going to get crazy? You already are crazy!

Just keep out of this!

No! Travis has a point and you know it! He is out to kill you, there's no denying in that.

Maybe I am wrong to place my trust in someone like Enrique, but I can't help it. I trust him, despite his past. The only thing that keeps bugging me is Alucard. Why did he kill him? I hoped he had changed like he said he had.

Geez, has it ever occurred to your naïve little brain that he might not being telling you the truth? That he, oh shock and horror, might be lying?

I am so NOT impressed by your sarcasm.

I hate you! You're always making a fool out of ourselves!

Well, I hate you right back! And you're always making a pessimist out of us!

"Selena? Are you okay?"


"You had that distant look in your eyes again."

"Oh, erm, yeah, I was, thinking about what you said."


"You might be right. He might be out to kill me."

"Like I said, I wouldn't allow him to harm you."

"Thanks Travis."

Though I pray I won't need your help.

Travis smiled.

"Thirsty? Can I get you something to drink?"

"A glass of water please."

"Back in second."

Travis replied and disappeared into the kitchen. At that moment the door to his apartment slammed open. I jumped up, startled by the slam the door made while being pushed open with force. I chill ran down my spine, as I saw the figure standing in the doorway, his trench-coat dramatically being pulled to a side by a strong wind which was now blowing into the apartment, not only pulling the trench coat around the figure like a pair of giant wings, but also blowing through his hair. He looked at me. Slate eyes blazing with something I couldn't quite lay my finger on. A faint noise coming out of the kitchen, made him jerk his head towards it to find its source. At that moment Travis entered the main-room, laughing, and carrying a plate with a glass of water on it. He froze in the middle of the room, as he noticed Enrique's presence. The plate cluttered to the floor, the glass breaking, shattering the silence while it did.

How did he find me this quick?!


It sounded almost like a growl. My eyes flew back from the scattered glass to Enrique. His eyes were narrowed, his mouth a flat line.


Travis stepped in front of me, creating a barrier between me and Enrique. Travis seemed calm, yet I felt sorry for him. He didn't seem like a match for Enrique.

"You have something that belongs to me."

Enrique said, while pointing at me.

Was that what I meant to him? A belonging? An object?

"She belongs to no-one but herself, and she doesn't want you."

Travis fired back, holding his ground.

"Don't you think I already know that? She may hate my guts, yet I have claimed her. You know what that means. You can't have her, can't hurt her, can't keep her without violating the clan-rules."

"This coming from a person who just violated the number one rule of our clan: never kill without permission."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Alucard, does that ring a bell?! You killed him! Killed your own father! Killed your own blood!"

Enrique looked puzzled for a moment.

"Killed him? Where did you-- Selena told you what she saw."

"Oh yes she did!"

"And since when did you begin to listen to your victims before you killed them?"

"I haven't killed a single human the last hundred years!"

"Oh, go you. That makes everything just fine then doesn't it?"

"Don't remind me. I know that I've done some horrible things in my life, yet I never tried to hide my past from others. I know who I was, and I know who I am, which is more than I can say of you, murderer!"

"I haven't murdered my father."

Enrique replied calmly, yet his hand was slowly moving towards his trench coat, probably where he hid his weapon.

"I bet you haven't. Just like you wouldn't hurt this girl. Isn't that what you told her? Do you have no honour at all then?"

"Lying has nothing to do with honour if it's in everyone's best's interest. But you know Travis, I wasn't lying. I don't want to harm her."

"Erm, excuse me?"

A new voice butted in. No one paid attention to it though.

"Yeah right. Don't want to harm her. Just like you haven't killed your father? Hah! You expect me to believe such non-sense?!"

"But I didn't kill him!!"

"You did! Selena told me! She wouldn't lie!"


Again the interrupting voice was just ignored by everyone.

"You're right. My pet would never lie. She just misunderstood everything. But this is of no importance at the moment. Now, hand her over to me!"

"What? So you can kill her?!"

"No, so I can keep her safe from the likes of you!"

"Yeah, right! You expect me to believe such crap?!"

"I don't care whether you believe it or not, but hurt her, and you'll be a dead man!"

"You're more likely to hurt her then I'll ever be!"

"You bastard!"



"…My patience is reaching its end now…"

"Murderer of your own blood!"

"Okay, that's it!! I'll have your attention right now and here or I'll push this sword down through your gullets!!"

The voice spoke for the fourth time, and all its patience and friendliness was gone now. Both Enrique and Travis stopped their bickering. All eyes where drawn towards Alucard, who smirked, satisfied he finally got his desired attention. He flicked his hair back with faked arrogance.

"Ah, finally. Thank you. Now, as you can all see, I'm not dead. Now please continue with your business, but really son, did you have to use that much sleeping potion? It would have saved us both a whole lot trouble if you would have just used the regular portion."

He, but I saw him getting killed with my own eyes! It's impossible! He can't be alive!

"But, you, that bullet, I saw-"

The whole room started to spin. My knees went weak, and I crashed towards the ground. Travis saw what was happening though, and since he was standing close to me, he caught me in his arms just before I crashed into the ground. I still was faintly aware of what was going on, though I was unable to move.

"Selena! Pet! Wake up! Please!"

I heard the panic in Enrique's voice. Travis' reply sounded rather angry.

"Enrique! Explain this damn it!"

"You get your hands of my pet first!"

I felt how Travis picked me up, and carefully laid me on his couch.

"There, oh jealous one. Now explain all of this!"

"The bullet my pet saw was actually an injection needle filled with a strong paralyzation potion. You know. The same kind zoo-caretakers use to paralyze large animals."

"And he used enough to put down an elephant!"

"Hey, I was worried okay? I though you wanted to make her pay for trying to leave me. I didn't want to kill you, but I had to stop you!"

"So, you shot me right in front of her. Nice move. Really."

"Well, okay, I didn't really think about that until it was too late already. My pet started to accuse me with all sorts of things. She thought I had just killed my own father, and started to explain that he never intended to hurt her. Well, you know Selena. When she has her mind set on one thing, it takes a lot of effort to talk it out of her head again."

I heard all three men agreeing with each other on that point, and wanted to protests. I tried to raise myself, not thinking about being officially immobile. To my own surprise I  managed to move. I hesitated making my remark though. Wouldn't it be convenient if they all thought I was still out cold? Unable to hear their conversation? I might even hear the whole truth for a change. I made up my mind, and stayed lying on the couch, remaining deadly silent, just continuing to listen to the conversation, and trying my best to forget about Enrique's last statement about me.

"So, because she can be so bloody stubborn at times"

I could feel my teeth grinding together. Stay calm, I told to myself. Don't let them know you're awake.

"I figured out that explaining everything to her at that moment would have been hazardous to my health. So, yeah, I ran, and figured that Alucard would explain about the paralyzation and that he would free her from her handcuffs as soon as he woke up. I've got to admit that I hadn't counted on the possibility that she would be able to free herself and flee again."

"Well, that's just what she did. She fled through town, and ended up fainting right into my arms. I figured she could use some medical attention, so I called the doc."

There was a long pause before Enrique spoke.

"Thanks for taking care of her when I couldn't, Travis."

There was another long silence.

"You really love her don't you?"

"Off course I do! I love her, more then life itself…"

I couldn't help it, but a faint smile curled across my lips when I heard that confession.

"Heh, so she was right all along."

"She was right? What are you talking about?"

"I told her about your bloody past. She said she already knew all the details. Then I told her she should be careful around you. that she should avoid you. I told her that she would probably be your next victim, but whatever I said, she was convinced of the fact that you would never harm her. She didn't believe me, but kept defending you against me."

"She defended me? I thought she hated my guts after all the stuff I've done to her."

"She does hate your guts, but even despite that, she trusts you. She believes you words. She believes in you."

"How could she still believe in me after all this?"

"I don't know if she still trusts you after lying to her like this, but I do know that she isn't afraid of you, and believes that you will never harm her. I don't know why she does, but does it really matter? Be grateful for this second chance. Just one more thing Enrique. Hurt her, and I'll break every bone in your body. Claim or no claim."

"I wouldn't be able to harm her even if I wanted to. She has captured me Travis. She has trapped my heart somehow. The strangest thing is, is that I don't want to break free…. Great. Now you can see the idiot I turned into. The weakling. The fool."

"Say, son, though I hate to interrupt you and your self-blame but I think it would be for the best that I'm gone before the lady wakes up again. She might faint again if the two of you haven't explained everything to her yet, and she sees me again. Don't worry. I'll be around."

"I bet you will."

I could hear the door of Travis' apartment opening and closing again. Indicating that Alucard had left the building.

"I should check up on Selena."

"No need to. It's the second she fainted into my arms."

"Good for you."

"Hey, cut out the jealousness and let me finish. It's the second time she fainted into my arms, and since she soon woke up after the first time, I recon she'll wake up from the second time soon enough. I'm just trying to say that you shouldn't be worried."



"Just to clear things up: I'm not jealous of you. I haven't got a reason to be. She belongs to me, not you, so there."

"Ah yes. That same old excuse you use time after time after time. You know, this might not have crossed your mind yet, but she doesn't like to belong to anyone but herself. She values her freedom. If you don't even know that, then you really don't know anything about her."

"Hey! It's not like you know so much about her twisted way of thinking!"

"Twisted way? Funny word to describe it like that. I suppose you would react in a much more sensible way when you've been trough the stuff she's been through. Why don't you try to understand her, instead of teasing her and scaring the crap out of her with your stalking. Basically, she might be nicer to you, when you would stop acting like a jerk all the time!"

Ai. Poor Travis. Enrique will beat the crap out of him for those words, where my first thoughts. I was very surprised when I heard Enrique's calm reply.

"Fine, fine, so I've been acting like a jerk lately. Don't you think I already knew that? I try to be nice to her, but, ack, she somehow manages to get me very angry, without even trying."

"I seeeee."


"She criticizes your behaviour, and because of what she means to you, you let it get to you. You just can't cope with the fact that she just doesn't love every aspect of you."

"Nonsense. I'm not afraid of a bit of criticism."


"Shut it Travis."

"You know,"

Travis said to Enrique, and there was a short pause. I could almost hear Travis winking at Enrique.

"If you wouldn't have claimed her, I would have by now. She's kinda cute when she pretends to be unconscious."

"If I ever see you trying anything with her, then I'll swear I'll rip your throat to piec-- Erm, what did you just say? Pretends to be unconscious?"

"Yup, I think the sleeping beauty has awoken some time ago."


"Ain't that right Selena? Kept yourself real quiet so you could eavesdrop on us, eh?"

I rose from the couch quickly, sitting up straight, and staring at Travis, who grinned broadly, then at Enrique, who had tea-cup-sized eyes, then back at Travis.

"How, how did you know?"

"Little things. Like smiling when Enrique told me he loved you more then life itself."

Enrique tapped Travis on the shoulder. Enrique's eyes stood angry, and his voice had a sharp warning edge to it when he spoke.



"I said those words at the beginning of our conversation! Couldn't you have warned me a bit earlier?!"

"But it was more fun this way."

"I made a fool out of myself!"

"You didn't. Not really."

I objected. Immediately the attention of both men was drawn back to me. Enrique arched an eyebrow. His eyes looked thoughtful for a moment. It was like he recalled something, and started to grin.

"Was he right?"

I gazed at him, confused by his words.

"Right about what?"

"Did you really still believe in me after he told you, after you knew what I have done?"

I bowed my head to the ground.

"...I trusted you enough to be sure you wouldn't kill me."

"Why? I have done nothing to earn your trust."

"That's not true. You did… Well, okay, so you didn't. You lied and kept some important information from me."

"Geez, and here I was thinking you might even say something nice for a change. Well, what do you expect me to say? That's I'm sorry? You already know I'm sorry. I was afraid to lose you when I would tell you the truth."

I still stared at the ground, creating a long pause between his words and my trembling reply.

"You wouldn't have lost me. I wouldn't have treated you any different then I did with Travis. He told me his past, without me even asking for it. He trusted me Enrique, and what pains me most is that you didn't. Your past, your crimes, things that happened before I was even born, those are things I can forgive. When you live as long as you do you're bound to make some mistakes. I understand and except that."

I slowly looked up again. He was staring at me, amazement clearly visible in his eyes. Amazement, and even the slightest hint of hope. He really didn't see how he pained me by violated my trust.

"Yet you don't understand how it feels when you trust someone, and he just throws your trust back in you face! Cause I trusted you Enrique! I truly did!! You were my friend, and you kept so many secrets from me! I trusted you, but you didn't trust me….. Realising that hurt more than the truth could ever have."


"Sure. I didn't expect an apology from you. Just eerie silence. Like always."

"Then what do you expect from me?"

The question came out of nowhere and startled me. I looked at him questioningly.

"What do you mean?"

"You keep telling me what you expect me not to do, then tell me, what do you want me to do? How do you want me to react on this? I don't know how to cope with this. Yes, I regret the actions I didn't take, yet should have, but I can't change that now. You've read my diary. You already know all there is to know. So tell me pet, what do you expect from me? To plead? To beg for forgiveness? To leave you alone? What the hell do you expect me to do?!"

His sudden harsh words slowly started to fade into my mind. I thought about his words, and to my own horror I realised I didn't know it myself. What did I expect from him? I really didn't know.

"I, I don't know."

"Then how can you expect me to know it?!"

"You, you're turning it all around! I'm supposed to be the angry one! I'm the one whose life got totally messed up ever since the day I met you!"

"Okay, that's enough!"

Enrique and I paused our argument and both glanced sideward to Travis. Travis was glaring daggers at us, his arm crossed, his eyes narrowed, his mouth a flat line.

"If fighting is the only thing the two of you can do, then please continue doing so out of my apartment!"

"But he started it!"-"But she started it!"

Enrique and I replied at the same time, pointing at each other. Three seconds later slammed Travis the door of his apartment shut. Enrique and I were standing on the street, outside the apartment. The wind casually blow a few leaves forwards over the empty street. We both didn't say a word, and just stood there next to each other, staring at the closed door. I slowly turned my head, to look at Enrique. I noticed he had done the same. We stared at each other for a few seconds, both our faces blank and filled with surprise. His eyes got mischievous twinkles in it, and his lips started to twitch from containing laughter. I felt my own lips twitching as well. He grinned sheepishly, and I let out a childish giggle. He started to laugh out aloud, and I soon followed him. Our laughter lasted for at least ten minutes, before we both managed to calm down again.

"Hehe, I haven't had such a good laugh in a looong time."

Enrique said, whipping his tears of laughter away with the back of his hand. I smiled as I saw the simple gesture. I think I never saw him this happy, this relaxed.

"You'd be cute when you'd relax a bit more."

He made a disappointed face, pounding like a baby.

"….I'm not cute now?"

"Hey, cut it out you big baby."

I said laughing. He grinned and asked hopeful:

"So, you've forgiven me for not telling a few things?"

I arched my eyebrow.

"You call the murdering of dozens a girls a few things?"

"Okay, okay. You win. I'm very sorry, about everything, but I can't turn back time. Can't we just forgive and forget?"

My amused smile disappeared. I felt sorry for him, but this was something that should be taken seriously.

"Forgive, maybe, but I won't forget. How can you expect me to trust you again like before?"

He dropped his head, and slumped down his shoulders.

"You're right. I don't deserve anyone's trust. I don't have the right to bother you any longer. I have messed up your life enough as it is. Good bye Selena. I won't forget you, so, please don't forget me."

He turned around, refusing to look at me. He slowly started to walk away, leaving me standing there. Standing there in front of Travis' house. Alone. Why did the wind suddenly seem so much colder?

….Why does he take he everything the wrong way? I didn't want to make him feel this bad. I could deal with his past. He lived for, like what, 500 years? I mean, it's only…well, he's sorry for what he has done.

What the hell are you thinking?! You're defending him! He doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy! Let him rot away! Tell him to get the hell away from you! To leave you alone!

But, he's really sorry, and he has changed. He won't hurt me. I'm sure of that.

So let's just forget about all those poor girls he killed shall we? Because wouldn't it be convenient if that never happened?! I mean, he would actually be a nice stalker if that was the case. But guess what girl?! He was a bloody murderer! A cold-blooded killer!! That's what he was! He killed innocent people! 

Oh, just, shut up will you?

Oh, I'm so sorry. The truth hurts, doesn't it? You can't just ignore his past!

I don't ignore it, I accept it. He nor I can change the past. What has happened has happened. Does that mean he can never move on? That he never can be forgiven by anyone? That he'll be hated forever for something that happened before I, you, we, whatever, where even born?


NO! I won't, can't allow that. I care for him!

Awww. You 'care'. How cute. How naïve. How disgusting.

But I do! We'll be able to talk this out! We'll be able to make it work. We'll get through this. Together.

Oh my! Your sob-sob story is getting the best of me! 'We'll get through this together.' Can I puke?

Shut up!

No! You will listen to me! I can't allow this! You may not have thought about this, but I have.

What do you mean?

What if things do work out? Small chance they do, but what if they do? You and him, and they lived happily ever after. But deep down inside even you know it won't work that way. You'll grow old and wrinkly, while he stays young forever. He ages very slowly. You know that, just like you know, deep down, that he'll leave you when those wrinkles come.


I actually had a point there. He would leave me someday. But, not now. Not yet. Not like this.


A soft whisper escaped my lips. I slumped down on my knees on the cold street, wrapping my arms around me, shivering from the sudden cold.

I grow old and he'll leave me, its better this way.

Then why does it hurt this much? I don't want him to leave! I, I love-

You don't.

I do! Despite what he has done, I still can't hate him!

There's a huge difference between 'not hate' and love you know.

I know!


My voice was weak, as I slowly and clumsy got up from my knees, from the ground. My legs felt weak, yet, yet I had to, had to stop him!

Don't make it hurt even more then it all ready does. My heart is aching enough as it is. You want to make it even worse?

So you admit it yourself. Our heart is aching, because of him.

Silly and naïve. You're worthy of being the voice of the heart indeed. I've admitted this a long time before you did. I knew that we cared for Enrique. I knew, just like I knew that I should do everything in my power to stop this from happening.

But, why?

You still don't see how much he can hurt you? He's not human. He stays young. He's handsome. He can get any girl he likes. In the end, he'll grow bored with you. He'll discard you. Leave you for someone younger, or prettier.

He, he wouldn't!

That's what you say. But you can't expect him to still love you when you're old and wrinkly.

He will! He, he will…. I trust him, and, and if he does decide to leave me, then at least allow me to enjoy a few years of happiness by his side.

You don't mind that you, heart, will get shattered, if that means you get to be a few years by his side?

No. I wouldn't mind. I would shatter knowing that there was a time he loved me, and I loved him.

If that's your final decision, then call out to him. Call out. Call out to him, and your doom. It's your fate. It's your decision. It's your heart, and you get to decide who you give it to. If he's that person, then I hope for your sake that he won't drop and shatter it. 

I could almost feel the other voice in my head smiling, and giving me an encouraging nod. It's weird how some things work. I somehow made peace with myself. I found my voice back. 

"Please….Don't… Don't go!"

A single tear fell down my cheek. Before it reached my chin, it was captured by Enrique's thumb, who gently wiped it away. I looked up at him, more tears forming in my eyes as I locked them on his slate-like eyes. His eyes stood soft and caring. He came back when he heard me. He came back for me!

"What's the matter pet?"

I clasped my arms around his neck, and buried my face in his black t-shirt.

"Don't leave me. I don't want you to go. I, I…."

I whispered into the black fabric. I wanted to finish my sentence, but felt two strong arms encircling me, and pulling me closer towards Enrique. He held me in a tight protective embrace, resting his head lightly on my own. I closed my eyes, and smiled.

Everything would be all right.

This is how the typical romance-story would have ended. No, it's how a typical love-story should end. But not for me and Enrique. No, nothing comes easy for us. I should just let my little book end here, but I can't do that. I can't just leave a half-finished story behind in this old abandoned house. If someone finds this little book, then I want them to know everything. From the start to the end. There's still much more of, well, happy and very unhappy things to be told. No, just a 'happily ever after' ending wasn't meant to be. Not for us. Not with a revengeful clan breathing down our neck.

To be continued…


Hoped you liked it.

Hope to see you in the next chapter.



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